According to Gallup poll only 32% of households in America maintain a household budget. The rate of financial success within those households is even fewer due to approaching it with the wrong attitude. Anyone can create a budget, it can be simple or complex if desired. It can be full of detail, charts, graphs and financial calculations. However, without approaching it with the right mindset we all fall short of our money goals, every time.

Budgeting can bring up a lot of negative emotions, procrastination, failure, arguments and conflict with a spouse. Other times people are too prideful or consider budgeting for “poor people”. Some people are afraid of what they will find so they avoid the topic completely. But budgeting when done properly, can actually be liberating and exciting. It’s all about attitude.


Your Budget Attitude Should Reflect Your Goals

We all have financial goals and dreams, but can forget about them in our day-to-day tasks. A budget can feel like one of these tasks. If dreams and goals are not the main focus of the budget, they will never be reached and the budget will never be followed. After all a budget does nothing if it is not properly monitored. It’s a constantly changing, and evolving plan.


If you have trouble with the boring, mundane, and often confusing aspect of numbers there are many ways to create a budget that is perfect for you and your personality. You can use goals instead of numbers. To make anything successful in life it must be attractive to you personally It needs to have meaning in your life.


Generally, numbers don’t hold any meaning or real value in most people’s lives. (unless you are a financial guru!) So instead of starting with numbers try starting with goals. It can be anywhere from wanting to pull in how much money you spend on food, to wanting to take the family to Disneyland. It’s good always to have smaller goals and larger goals. Just like in anything you need to have benchmarks for your progress. Write them all down and then build a Spending Allowance around those goals.


This will bring your budget to life and give you a map for your money. When creating a budget one of your main focuses should be on the positives. What you are doing for your future is a fantastic thing to keep in mind and focus on, however it can be very far out on the calendar.


Spending money gives off endorphins (a happiness hormone). This is why going shopping and buying things gives us a high for the rest of the day. When you take away needless spending you remove some of that “natural high” so to speak. So instead of focusing on the lack of happiness and freedom, focus on the small things that giving yourself a spending allowance will do for you.


When your attitude towards your custom-made budget is positive and focused you will thrive on it! Soon the budget will become the playbook that guides your money moves. It will become the most important money plan to follow because it is a vision for your personalized dreams!


Vision and Clarity For Your Budget are Essential

A few years back I tried to lose weight and wrote down “lose weight” as my new year’s resolution. Guess what? Nothing happened. The scale didn’t budge and all-of-sudden I was having massive cravings for everything and anything sweet or salty! Do you know why? Because I told myself that I was restricting myself and going on a diet. I didn’t know what that diet was or how I was supposed to be losing weight but my brain was in panic mode at the thought of it. I actually gained a few pounds doing that!


When I changed that goal to “lose twenty pounds by June” and set some realistic food restrictions and a good workout schedule something amazing happened! I started to enjoy the process of it all! I felt better every day. I would wake up with a clear vision and focus on what my daily goal was as well as my long term goals! I even found a picture of what I wanted to look like and looked at it every morning to keep the vision alive in my mind.

This is the attitude that a budget should be approached with as well. It needs to be approached with a clear and detailed picture of what financial success would look like. The budget is the key (financial diet) to get to where we all want to be with our money. Write down the goals and the picture of what the perfect future could look like for you and your family to give yourself that motivation and conviction to stick to the budget. This makes it exciting and a fun planning tool in your life!

Squeezing all its worth out of your money is an important trick that millionaires live by and it all starts with a budget. That budget can only be maintained through having the right attitude when looking at and reviewing it. Otherwise it will be a piece of paper that has no value and is not followed. It will be as useful as the retirement plan that is not being contributed too; worthless.


Here are some useful tips that we use in order to approach the entire process of budgeting the right way:

  • Write down the goals and dreams that making sticking to a budget will get you
  • Adopt a positive attitude towards your money (even if it is a small amount) and make every amount important and cared for
  • Start adapting fun ideas on how to cut spending and save money (make it a game with your spouse/kids)
  • Allow yourself to feel empowered and in control of your situation and what you are working towards
  • Find out if a side hustle might be right for you to accelerate your financial picture and give your budget some strength
  • Have a grateful and happy heart! It’s not about greed it’s about making the best for yourself!

Attitude is everything when approaching your budget. Remember that your budget is your map to success when it comes to handling your money. A good budget can get you to where you want to go if you have perseverance and a positive mindset. Keep yourself on track with your budget through checking your attitude and I promise it will pay off in the end and it will actually be fun in the process!


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