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Baking Soda Mask That Will Completely Transform Your Skin

The fountain of youth is a timeless quest! At any age girls are looking to be beautiful. I have a 3-year-old daughter who spends her days dressing up, requesting new nail polish colors and asking me over and over “how do I look mom?” I know personally I watch those Read more…

9 Practices To Adapt to be Simply Beautiful

1. Smile A smile can brighten a day, make a sad person happy, cure a child’s boo-boo, and completely change an attitude. As a society we don’t smile ½ as much as we should. We “put our heads down and power through” so to say. We aren’t looking around at Read more…

3 Secret Tricks to Lose Inches Fast! (Like Less than 24 Hours)

Sometimes it isn’t about losing weight. Who am I kidding it’s ALWAYS about losing weight! But sometimes there just isn’t time! An upcoming wedding, a school dance, a pool party, it’s that time of the month and your super bloated. You name it and it can probably fall into the Read more…

13 Hacks to Flawless Skin

  Determine Your Skin Type First things first Determine your skin type. Is it oily, dry, combination? You can’t do anything till you figure out which one you are. To figure out your skin type simply: