5 Simple Ways to Save Money Today


We have all heard the ideas such as “Stop buying your daily cup of coffee” as a way to save some money. I don’t buy daily coffee (although I love it as a treat) so I have listed 5 simple ways to save money that we have used in the past that are very simple but maybe not so obvious.

  1. Cut the cord

Cutting the cable cord is starting to become a trend and there is a great reason for this; it’s expensive! There are great streaming services out there for movies and TV shows, but something I recently discovered is that you can save TONS of money by switching to a LIVE TV streaming service!

We saved $60 just by calling our cable company (which is the only hard part about this process) and cancelling our cable service. The only thing we actually use live TV for is sporting events and occasional news, but honestly we get all the news and weather details we need from our phones and checking social media. But we were not willing to live completely without live TV due to the sports we like watching.

That being said, we did some research on the live TV apps out there that cost a fraction of what traditional cable costs. After some looking around we decided the best bang for our buck (and currently the cheapest provider out there) was Sling TV.



We had heard the name but never knew what this service was. Turns out they have different package deals as well as add-on options for live TV channels AND we can watch live TV from our phones or tablets too.

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