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How to get everything you want done in a day

We are, what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. -Will Durant   The latest surveys show that 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by the second week of February. Does that mean that you shouldn’t make a new year’s resolution because you only have Read more…


how we paid off 55K in debt on 1 low income

Debt is a horrible thing. It robs us of what is ours, it takes away opportunity, freedom and security. It keeps people awake at night and working around the clock. I know because my husband and I have been up to our eyeballs in it since we got married. I Read more…


Money secrets of real millionaires

When we think about “success” we think money. When we think money, we think of having so much of it that it no longer brings concern. Some of us may even think in numbers like millions or billions. If you have any ambition to be successful at all, why not Read more…

7 Essential Health Habits of Super Fit People

This post contains affiliate links. See Affiliate Disclaimer Sharing a big secret here: DIETS DON’T WORK!!!! Sure they might work for a month or even a season but the weight comes back, and it comes back with a vengeance! They are also impossible to stay on and always leave us Read more…

3 Secret Tricks to Lose Inches Fast! (Like Less than 24 Hours)

Sometimes it isn’t about losing weight. Who am I kidding it’s ALWAYS about losing weight! But sometimes there just isn’t time! An upcoming wedding, a school dance, a pool party, it’s that time of the month and your super bloated. You name it and it can probably fall into the Read more…

What Did You Want to Be When You Grew Up?

When you were young did you ever daydream in class about the wonderful things you were going to do and be when you “grew up?” Were you going to change the world, but somehow the world sort of changed you? There were day’s you had no idea but it didn’t Read more…

5 Essential Hacks to Reach your Goals.

5 essential hacks to reach your goals

Everyone has goals and dreams that they want to achieve. The only way to achieve them is to move from wanting them to taking daily steps towards actually achieve them! Here are some easy hacks to help us move closer to reaching our goals on a daily basis!