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11 Steps to a more organized year

I’ve been doing a lot of goal setting/researching lately on how to make this year the best one yet! Life gets in the way of our happiness a lot, at least in my world. Things seem to go a million miles an hour and at the end of the day Read more…

6 Secrets to Beat the Winter Weight and Slim Down Fast

As the cold sets in and we hunker down for the winter you might start to feel your jeans tighten up and your face might begin to have that all too familiar winter puffiness to it once again. Unfortunately it’s something all too expected and yet unexpected.  We all know Read more…

9 Things Debt Free People Do That Will Change Your Life

9 Things debt free people do that will change your life

Live On Less Than You Make In a world of “Joneses” it can be hard to live within your means. Debt free people have mastered self-discipline in their belongings. By living within their means debt free people can manage their money to work for them, not be fighting against it. Read more…

9 Practices To Adapt to be Simply Beautiful

1. Smile A smile can brighten a day, make a sad person happy, cure a child’s boo-boo, and completely change an attitude. As a society we don’t smile ½ as much as we should. We “put our heads down and power through” so to say. We aren’t looking around at Read more…

7 Essential Health Habits of Super Fit People

This post contains affiliate links. See Affiliate Disclaimer Sharing a big secret here: DIETS DON’T WORK!!!! Sure they might work for a month or even a season but the weight comes back, and it comes back with a vengeance! They are also impossible to stay on and always leave us Read more…

5 Tricks to Instantly Reach Your New Year’s Resolution

The New Year is around the corner. Its funny how slowly the year seems to creep by for the first half, and by June it’s flying so fast you might as well start Christmas shopping because it’s just around the corner! As a kid, it was; of course, a tradition Read more…

5 Essential Hacks to Reach your Goals.

5 essential hacks to reach your goals

Everyone has goals and dreams that they want to achieve. The only way to achieve them is to move from wanting them to taking daily steps towards actually achieve them! Here are some easy hacks to help us move closer to reaching our goals on a daily basis!