The Easiest Way to Save Lots of Money: Digit, Savings App Review

The Easiest Way to Save Lots of Money: Digit, Savings App Review

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Are you a saver or a spender?


Do you have things you would like to do?  Like take a trip, buy a newer car, pay off debt, but never seem to get enough money in your account to do it?

What if I told you I have a totally affordable digital software that will create a reality for you where you NEVER HAVE TO SAVE a penny EVER AGAIN! And you will still have money rolling into your saving account! And it doesn’t cost more than a cup of black coffee once a month!


To good to be true right? Or not!

Let me introduce you to my most favorite app in the world!



Digit is an app that automatically helps their customers save money. In fact they have helped them save millions and millions of dollars.

My husband and I decided to try it out and after just one week, we were hooked! It is literally mindless saving rather than the typical mindless spending! It was easy to see after just one week how this could be an extremely powerful tool to help us reach our savings goals without the pain that’s usually involved!

Digit is a software, app, website, and program that links to your bank account, tracks your spending habits and after a couple of days starts determining when it is safe to save. It then withdrawals small amounts of money from your account and puts it in a “Rainy Day” Digit Savings Account.

It is literally as simple as that. DONE!!

Let me tell you:  IT ACTUALL WORKS!!!

You Can Check It Out HERE: Digit


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The “Rainy Day” account is located on the Digit site and can be accessed at any and all times.

I love this because if you have your savings and checking with the same bank it is usually pretty easy to “steal” from your savings or not put money away at all! “Out of sight; out of mind” is a great mentality when it comes to automatic saving and investing!

Digit is great because it automatically puts small amounts into savings that add up in a BIG way!

My husband is a natural spender and if he was the only one in charge of our finances I would be shocked if anything in our budget would be allocated to savings. As it is we both feel like we don’t put enough away! Or we just want a decent “rainy day fund” for those things that come up (like Christmas in December in some cases! J) that we can go to when needed!

You can make a withdrawal from your Digit account at any time, and it will take 1 business day to be returned back to the account saved from.

You can determine how much is taken at a time if you feel that what Digit is taking is too much, or too random and would like a specific amount to be withdrawn on certain days.

You can name your account so that you have an actual goal! For example; Christmas Budget, Family Vacation, New Car, House Projects, Emergency Fund etc….

Sound too good to be true? You Can Check It Out HERE for Yourself!



When you sign up for the Digit Service you automatically get a Digit Savings account. This is where your money is saved for you after it is withdrawn from your bank account. The account is FDIC insured up to $250,000 so you know that your hard-earned money is safe and sound.

Each time Digit saves money from your account it will notify you of the amount saved, and the remaining balance in your account. The amount will vary depending on your situation and the amount of money in your account. Typical amounts are no more than $20 at a time.

Whenever you are ready to spend the saved money, all you have to do is text “withdraw” back to your digit text. They will have you save their information upon signing up, and you will have been receiving texts throughout the saving process. If you would like to check your balance, text “balance.” You can also text “minimum” to set up a specified amount you would like to be saved and no more.

It really is that simple!

The Easiest Way to Become a Saver Digit app



I recommend Digit because of the simplicity it allows even the worst saver! It allows you to put your savings on autopilot and not even have to think about it. It’s like having a personal digital accountant in your pocket!


Digit does have a monthly subscription of $2.99. There are no hidden fees. No transfer, withdraws, or service fees. It is strictly a $2.99 subscription. What you see is what you get.

Digit promises that you will never overdraft. They have perfected their algorithm so well and they track your accounts so closely that they will never allow you to overdraft into your savings. They even promise that if something were to happen that causes an overdraft fee, Digit would pay for it. (However, this is EXTREMELY unlikely)



The one thing my husband was worried about when I first signed up was if I could turn it off or pause it. (We were planning a vacation at the time and he did not want it on during our trip)

The answer is YES. You are able to turn off digit or pause it any time you like, setting up a date when you feel more comfortable starting up your savings again.



When you are handling your money electronically it can feel unsafe or unnerving. Especially when connecting to your bank accounts. So I’m sure you are wondering how safe the app is to use.


The DIGIT APP IS 100% SAFE. It is FDIC Insured up to $250,000.



The Digit Service is only $2.99 A MONTH. The price of 1 small cup of black coffee! How in the world can such a fantastic service with all it’s functions and benefits be so affordable?

Digit is so affordable because it makes money off the interest in your Digit savings account. Just like a regular bank earns income off the money sitting in your accounts. It does stink not to make a return on your savings, but the money would be so small it wouldn’t even make a difference. And the trade off is so worth it to have an automated savings!



All you have to do is:

Click Here Digit Savings Service

Sign up with your phone number

Connect your bank account to your digit account

Start Saving!


What do you think of this app? I’d love to know!

Do you have a hard time saving? Does this seem like something you would really benefit from?

Hidden Amazon Discounts You've Never Heard Of

Hidden Amazon Discounts You’ve Never Heard Of

This post contains affiliate links. See Affiliate Disclaimer

Do you think you are getting Amazon’s best prices? You might be surprised to learn that even with Prime Memberships, you may be leaving money on the table!

There is great and EASY way to find EVERY one of the hidden amazon discounts you’ve never heard of!


Hidden Amazon Discounts You've Never Heard Of

Amazon is known for its massive savings, free shipping, and best deals. But did you know that they may not ALWAYS be giving you the best deals out there?

We have all purchased items on Amazon and maybe even over-spent a bit while we’re at it! After all it’s so simple and easy to just click a button and have things delivered right to your door! Amazon makes it that way! It’s very smart on their part to have everything simple and convenient even down to suggested items or “Amazon’s Pick” of an item you search for on the site. But are you getting those items in your shopping cart at the absolute best price? The answer is; usually not!!!


how to get hidden amazon discounts you've never heard of


We have pretty much all heard of Groupon, Ebates, or even iBotta (if you haven’t click HERE to learn more) and other coupon saving apps and widgets, but have you heard of Honey?

It’s the simplest way to save money on Amazon that I have ever found! It does all the work for you! It is just a browser add-on that makes sure you are getting the cheapest price for your items! It does all the price comparing for you! And you get the reward of saving any money that there is to be saved!

No work, No Hassle or your part! It’s the best tool I have ever found out there for saving money while online shopping! You can learn more about it HERE!!!

I couldn’t believe it when I found this amazing little add on for my web browser. I was skeptical until I downloaded it and saw for myself that I could save $3 dollars on a school workbook for my son I had waiting in my cart! The item was already in my cart waiting for me to purchase and Honey made sure I got it for the best price possible! It’s THAT simple!!!!

Imagine how much you can save with Honey if you are a regular (like weekly) Amazon shopper!

There was literally NO EFFORT on my part. I clicked download, and all of the sudden I had savings!

This was just the beginning my friends!

As you all know I am a saver and am constantly preaching a frugal lifestyle as a way to reach your goals! I LOVE to save money and then put the money I saved from my efforts straight into my savings account. This Easy and Free way to save money is a game changer for me!

This widget is completely 100% safe and FREE!!!!!!


how to get hidden amazon discounts you've never heard of 4


Go HERE to read more and start saving today!

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Fun Free Things to Do when you want to throw your budget out the window

Fun free things to do when you want to throw your budget out the window

Making a budget and sticking to it can be hard at times. It takes willpower, goals, a vision for what your future looks like when you have reached those goals, and best of all a plan. I am a natural saver, yet when I want to have fun or feel good, spending money is my go to!

This doesn’t work so well when you have a minuscule to almost nonexistent spending allowance each month. Having a go to list of fun activities to do with your family when you don’t want to spend any money is the absolute best way to make sure you don’t spend where you don’t want to.


See Cheap Tasty Meal Plans!


Let’s be honest for a second. I hate budgeting. I feel poor. Sad. Board. And isolated. But when we don’t “budget” we end up broke and scared. When I don’t have a plan for what our day will look like, my financial plan goes in the crapper.


10 Ways to Save Money on Your Food Budget

So, to avoid the feelings of lack, boredom, and isolation I plan out everything. Food and meals presents for birthdays and Christmas, events, activities, you name it. By doing this we avoid overspending, needless spending, and being broke or falling off the budget wagon.


So here is a list of go to things I use for fun free things to do when I want to throw my budget out the window!


  • Google free local things to do in your town (My kids love the beach and parks)
  • Go to the library as a family
  • Invite friends over to play a board game
  • Go to the dollar store with cash
  • Picnic at the Park or Beach
  • Do an art project
  • Rearrange your house
  • Go thrifting for 1 piece of furniture and refurbish it
  • Do an art project
  • Grill outside in the back yard 
  • Make a fire or light a candle and play a board game, cards, or listen/Dance to music
  • Read a great book or watch movies
  • Bake Cookies (always fun)
  • Go on a nature walk in all seasons!
  • Go to a free Zoo in your area
  • Create a Mall scavenger hunt (We did this for my Son’s birthday and they loved taking pictures with our finds! -No money required!)


These are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fun free things to do as a family when you’re on a budget. It can be difficult to not spend money when you want to have fun. Even harder when you have kids! Just remember how much fun you had as a kid, what was it you did? I can bet money on the fact it was probably free!! Kids are resilient, and in this society of more, more, more they could use a little down to earth free fun! They are good memory makers!

Also if you are looking for something to do with your kids; remember that they want your TIME more than you spending money! My kids like new toys for a day (maybe) but if I am engaging with them and playing a game with them they will never get tired of it! It makes memories and is so fun! We have gotten old board games out, a deck of cards, or just ran around with sticks in the yard! These are the times they bring up the most to me as having the most fun! We also love going on hikes and playing at parks!

The point is, put the phone away and try to be in the moment with your family because we all know weekend go WAY too fast and soon you are back to the work week and busy schedules! Take the time to enjoy the the day and smell the roses! You won’t be disappointed!

I would love to hear what you and your family do for fun to stay on budget and make good memories at the same time! Email me or leave a comment for everyone to see!

Enjoy your family time with togetherness! 😊

10 Habits of Highly Successful People

10 Habits of Highly Successful People

We all want to know what the secrets of the most highly successful people are, no matter what we are trying to achieve. The truth is, that highly successful people have a kind of secret formula. A way they live their day to day lives. Success doesn’t just get dropping in your lap. That’s called a trust fund, or the lottery, and neither of those are success. To be highly successful requires a sort of road map, a discipline for getting things done.


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How to Create a Habit


It doesn’t matter where we are in the path of life, looking ahead we want to be the best we can be. When I think about my future even next week, it looks happier, cleaner, more productive, healthier, and more organized that it is today! To get there we need to do as the pro’s do!

So, let’s look at some of the Habits of Highly Successful People.


  1. Figuring Out What YOU WANT

Highly successful people know what it is that they are working for each day. Have a detailed thought out plan. Visualize and dream. Map out your future either tomorrow, next week, or 5 years from now.

Mindlessly going through life day in and day out always tackling the same issues with no resolve, spinning on a hamster wheel is the life of average people.

Get off the hamster wheel and lay out that road map for your future.Habits of Highly Successful People



  1. Reviewing Your Goals

Hand write you goals regularly. You’re less likely to veer away from your goals if you are continually seeing them and recreating them. Post them on your fridge or nightstand. Keep them always at the center of your mind and close to your heart! For example; If you have a goal for saving money keep the specifics of this goal written down, you will be less like to impulse buy at the store!

If you have a big goal, write it down in doable steps and track your progress! This will keep you motivated and give yourself some “wins” while reaching your larger goal!


  1. Prioritizing Sleep

This is a huge big one, and most people don’t do it. We live in a fast-paced world where all hours of the day can be swallowed up by something. However, the most productive and successful people put their bodies and minds first and this includes sleep. Allowing you to be your most alert and focused self. Enough sleep isn’t “just getting by” it’s ample amounts. You need to find your personal sweet spot, however many hours you need to feel refreshed and focused.


Waking up and getting everything, you want done in a day is great, but not if you are groggy, exhausted and crabby. You can read How to Get Everything Done in a Day HERE.

how to get everything you want done in a day


When that 5 am alarm goes off, you want to be ready to seize the day to the best of your ability.


  1. Workout

People who are successful schedule time to move their bodies. This isn’t just for staying fit and attractive, it goes deeper. It clears your mind, gets you away from technology, gets your blood pumping and helps you get creative. You HAVE TO SCHEDULE this by Prioritizing Your Schedule. You can learn how to do that by reading How To Prioritizing Your Schedule. When it comes to working out, it is more of a habit than anything else. Unless you are one of those rare people who enjoys working out! It all starts with a habit. Habits are wonderful and magical things that can ruin or transform your life. Learn How to Create a Habit HERE, and you will find harder tasks much easier to tackle.


  1. Reading

This one is another Biggy. Most people don’t LOVE to read. It boars people, and they find that they could be getting other more “fun” things done with their time. However, reading is a proven method to keep the mind sharp. What you read you become. Reading especially before bed sinks into your subconscious mind. According to the Business Insider “…those who read consistently exhibit significantly greater memory and mental abilities at all stages in life. They’re also better public speakers, thinkers and, according to some studies, better people in general.” You can read the rest of the article HERE.


  1. Scheduling Email

Successful DO NOT live a reactive lifestyle. They schedule people in. People don’t just “happen” to the most highly successful people. They don’t set a precedence for being the fastest responders, and they are very strategic with their response. Never allowing others to weasel or even dictate their time and schedules.


  1. Dependability

This one is huge in life. More people flake out on a commitment than those who follow through. When you can say yes to an opportunity you have the opportunity to prove your character. Learning to say “NO” to the things you don’t want to do, or the things that you don’t feel is a good fit for you is a mature and adult thing to do. Saying yes and then bailing causes you to be undependable and flaky. Highly successful people are always dependable and have a reputation for knowing what they want and don’t want. They don’t allow themselves to take on tasks or schedule events that won’t benefit them. When they do say yes they mean it and follow through.


  1. Focustime management focus

It’s time to get disciplined with your focus. It all starts with scheduling. Schedule your time, and then be honest and honor yourself with actually doing it. I recently turned all off notifications on my phone. YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram you name it, it’s been silenced. I get at least 50% to 75% more done because of this. Allow yourself the freedom to focus on the task at hand.


  1. Hand-Pick Your Circle of Friends

The 5 people you spend the most time with are the people who shape and influence your life. These people need to be carefully picked.


Who in your life is not helping you reach your highest potential?

Who in your life is weighing you down even in the slightest?


The most highly successful people do the hardest things, cutting people out of your life, or lessening time with them can be one of the hardest things you can do. Which do you want to be, popular among people who aren’t good for you, or one of the most successful people you know?


  1. Prioritize “Me” Time

Highly successful people know when they have been spread too thin. They know that they require time to do WHATEVER it is that they love. This is the time for binge watching Netflix, reading a novel, going out for drinks with friends. Life isn’t always about working, and it certainly isn’t about doing for other people so much that you forget who you are. Prioritizing that time to take a bubble bath or a long shower are habits that highly successful people do every day. What does “Me Time” look like to you? You can learn The Hidden Truths About Self-Care HERE


Those are 10 Habits of Highly Successful People that you can adapt. Also Check out the habits of successful People vs Unsuccessful People!


I would LOVE to hear of a habit that you think everyone should know of to become as highly successful as possible! Leave those in the comments below! If you enjoyed these tips please subscribe to The Willow Brook Life where we are always looking for ways to better our lives and make it as perfectly balanced as possible!

I would love to hear your most successful habits! Email me or leave a comment below for everyone to learn from! 😊

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7 Laundry Hacks You Have to Try to Save Tons of Time and Money

You’ve gotten the motivation to get the dishwasher unloaded and reloaded, the bathrooms are disinfected, and the floors are swept and even possibly mopped! Well done! But there’s still that one looming chore. The never ending monster in your home….Laundry.

Somehow it has to get done. So, to help you out in this constant chore and pain in the rump, here are 8 super time efficient and frugal ways to help you hack that laundry and get things done!


7 Laundry Hacks You Have to Try to Save Tons of Time and Money:


8 Laundry Hacks You Have to Try to Save Tons of Time and Money

Most people think those yellow stains are sweat stains. That’s actually not true. The yellow tint you see around the arm pit area is actually a deodorant stain. Pour some lemon juice on the stained area and let it sit overnight. Your white t-shirts will look good as new in the morning!



8 Laundry Hacks You Have to Try to Save Tons of Time and Money


Using multiple hampers keep your clothes off the floor and sorted in color and fabric category. You can find hampers at the dollar store. This saves a TON of time and frustration with sorting!



By putting socks in a lingerie bag sorting socks has never been easier! The 2 socks you put in never get lost in the laundry! Holy Cow!!! NO MORE SORTING SOCKS AND MISSING EVERY OTHER ONE!!!!! Just grab the bag out of the pile and put the socks together! No mess, no hassle!



You know that smell in your wash cloths and occasionally your towels? Yeah that one! It’s horrible, and sometimes super stubborn and hard to get out. I have friends who have rewashed the same things several times to get the smell out! Waste of time and money! Do this instead; throw about a cup of white vinegar into your wash or even into your fabric softener it will kill that musky and mildew smell instantly!!! Check out these other great uses for vinegar:


I have vivid memories of standing next to my mother as a young child, pen still in hand as she sprayed the white leather couch with hairspray to get out the ink rendering I had just created(I was an artist) 😋. This doesn’t just work for leather! You can spray clothes as well. Let them set after spraying to effortlessly lift the ink out. If you have little “artists” in your home like I do, this is a total life saver!



8 Laundry Hacks You Have to Try to Save Tons of Time and MoneyOver time all clothes start to fade and loose their vibrancy. Slow or stop the process by adding a pinch of salt to your load right before rinsing. This gives life to your clothes again and prevent them from bleeding colors.



Dawn dish soap has been known to rescue animals from the oil spills in the ocean and clean the dirtiest messes in the kitchen. Add a drop to the grease splatters on your clothes! It works like a charm and your clothes will have no more grease!


The thought of needing to clean your washer that washes seems strange, but everything needs a wash every now and again. Use a cup of baking soda and ½ quart of vinegar to your washer on the highest heat and let sit for an hour. This will disinfect and remove scum and soap build up.

So, there are the greatest laundry hacks you have to try to save tons of time and money! You’ll enjoy the extra time and money you have after implementing these great hacks! It has changed my dreaded laundry experience to a….less dreaded experience! J

It’s always so helpful to learn new and awesome hacks you had never thought of to make hard jobs easier! I would LOVE to learn more! If you have a trick you use to help you try to save tons of time and money please email me or leave them in the comments below!

7 Things They Never Taught You in School About Money

We spend 12 to 16 years in school on average. I don’t know about you, but I never once learned about how to get rich, retire comfortable, or even budget my personal finances. So today we are going to go over the 7 things they never taught you in school about money!

Ever since the day I got married I have been on a quest to see how I can save the most money possible. Saving money and budgeting is a game and a job all rolled into one.

It’s a game because you must keep coming up with strategies for doing it differently or correctly over and over. You are always on the hunt for the cheapest option or best deal. You must keep tweaking the budget, finding alternatives and adjusting your habits. It all boils down to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

It’s a job because it’s an everyday conscience effort to make sure your money isn’t flowing out of your hands as fast as it is coming in or faster! It’s such a fulltime job my husband nicknamed me the “Stay-at-Home Economist”!

Recent research suggests that more than 25 million middle-class Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

Becoming free from the chains of living paycheck to paycheck takes diligence and discipline.

Here are some things that I have found extraordinarily helpful to help me turn the tables and get ahead of that paycheck!

7 THings They Never Taught You in School About Money

1: Identify and Cut the Waste in Your Budget

This one is huge. Waste in our everyday lives costs huge amounts of money.

I am always on the lookout for wastefulness. Having children makes it even harder to staying on top of this! Plates of food, running faucets of water while brushing teeth, 3 loads of dishes a day!!

Food alone can break the bank account!

Did you know on average a family throws away $2,200 of food a year?! That’s over 300lbs of food! Which is broken down to 20 lbs. of food per person in the U.S. every month!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like grocery shopping enough to warrant throwing away 20 lbs. of food per person in my family each month!!

Just by being more aware of waste will greatly help you reduce it and save money.

Check out How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half!!!!

2: Put Your Wasted Money to Work For You

By saving what you would normally be spending on wasteful behaviors you can put it aside into your savings, or retirement, or have that money start to work for you. Then in time these accounts will be able to become investment accounts and soon your money will snowball into making money for you! How exciting right?!

3: Consider Cash Flow

This one is a game changer. Get organized when it comes to your cash flow.

Knowing what bills are coming out and when you are getting paid so there is an even flow throughout the whole month, not only brings a peace of mind, but saves money. This way you are not “rich” one weekend and “poor” the next!

Over draft fees and bounced check fees are a ridiculous waste of money that nobody can afford!

This can all be avoided by creating a budget. If you are looking for a quick and easy (non-techy) way of starting a budget you can read my budgeting post by CLICKING HERE.  The budget will help you know what is coming out, what is going in, and when to tighten all the reigns. However; this action is not enough on it’s own. What took us a while in the early years is ACTUALLY STICKING TO THE BUDGET! Sure, it’s great to see the spending plan on paper, but it’s a whole other ballgame to live by what is on that paper!

4: Add Income

This one is personal and can only be determined by you and your family life. I can’t tell you how many times my husband and I have battled the ever-unresolved discussion of whether one of us should get another job.

The timing must be right for you and your life.

However, if this is a possibility for you, adding a second part-time income would change your finances drastically. This money should be used completely for getting ahead and reaching your goals! It is easy to just let it go towards the “lifestyle” and forget that there is any extra money coming in at all.

Seriously, how many of us have been excited about a raise only to look back a month later wondering how the heck we made ends meet without it? This is the mistake of letting the “lifestyle” rise to the income level rather than setting a modest lifestyle to reach long-term goals with extra money. It takes consistency and self-discipline, as well as a clear vision and focus on what we really want!

If your life doesn’t allow for you to get another job, you can check out my post: 9 Side-Hustles You Can Do From The Comfort Of Your Bed7 Things They Never Taught You in School About Money


5: Get a Month Ahead

This one can be a bit painful the first month. You will have to make the “rice and bean” kinds of sacrifices to be able to do it. But after you have that extra month in the bank, in a separate account, you create what Dave Ramsey calls a “buffer between you and Murphy.” Getting a month ahead was what was key to my husbands and my own peace of mind and feeling like we had a bit of control.

6: Automate Your Savings

Learning your options for automating your saving is a fantastic hack for getting a savings account good and healthy. Sometimes things like putting money to savings needs to be automatic in order for us to do them. One of the biggest obstacles for people getting their adult life together is that they think it is just too hard, or that they don’t have the right tools to do it.

When it comes to money, the truth is that 90% of the battle is just getting the key automated systems into place. Once you set them up most money actions don’t need to be thought about that much, especially if you choose the right ones. StashInvest is a fantastic way to save money without really thinking about it. It’s an organizational app that allows you to save, budget, and organize your finances all in one crisp and clean app. I highly recommend this app as it has everything all in one, and you can start with as little as $5.

7: Dream With Your Goals

This one is just as important as the rest. It may seem superficial and not necessary to mention, but without a dream there is no vison. By keeping your eye on the ball, you most definitely will succeed.

Life has it’s ups and downs, it’s ebb and flow. There will be months it seems smooth, dare I say easy. And months you think nothing else could possibly go wrong. Getting out of the paycheck to paycheck life and putting some cushion between you and what life throws at you bring you peace. Setup smaller achievable goals with your money that lead to those big dreams that you have in you heart!


These 7 things they never taught you in school about money can be a life saver when applied to your finances. I’d love to hear if you were taught any of these things in school? I’d love to know if any of these steps helped you to move forward in your finances. Please drop me an email or leave a comment and let me know of any steps you’ve learned in your adult life that you didn’t learn in school that have helped you transform your money situation!


8 Financial TED Talks that will Change Your life

8 Financial TED Talks That Will Change Your Life

You’ve probably heard of Ted-Talks, a non-profit organization for spreading thought inspiring and motivational ideas. These talks are usually delivered in quick 20+ minute videos that you can watch in your free time and will no doubt leave you feeling inspired and motivated to create change in your life! These 8 financial Ted-Talks that will transform your life are my favorites.

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The Power of Prioritizing Your Schedule


I have gathered my favorite 8 Financial Education Ted-Talks for you to check out. And though there are thousands to choose from any topic you enjoy, learning about financial matters is always a good idea! Let me know what you think of the best financial TED talks, if there is one you love that has inspired you to take action in your financial picture.


Given by Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the #1 Best selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” In this talk Robert talks about the power of financial education, and how it impacts financial equality.



See Cheap Tasty Meal Plans! 



This financial TED talk is given by Mellody Hobson. Coming from an extremely hard childhood, she was desperate to understand money. To debunk the financial misunderstandings most people suffer from.



8 Financial TED talks that will change your life



Taking extreme action to lesson life’s burdens, Adam Baker challenges you to take massive action in your life and free yourself from the heaviness of debt.




In this video she explains how saving money is done one dollar at a time. She found fun and unconventional ways to save her money on an organic farm!




In this talk Ian Rosenberger explains how poverty is not the lack of money, but the lack of dignity. He gets his insight from a tragic personal experience, helping people. His story can help transform the way you think about poverty and how and why we get there.




A talk about saving money not today, but tomorrow. Sometimes we put the most important things off till tomorrow. In this talk we learn the phycology of the way people think about money.




Alexa von Tobel is passionate about personal finance and loves teaching people about how to make money and money decisions less taboo.




This is an interesting talk about how to raise our kids to be entrepreneurs in a world where it is looked down upon. You can take away information from this video for yourself at any age.


8 financial ted talks that will change your life

Each one of these financial TED talks  has a fantastic lesson in financial education that you can take and use in your daily life. I hope you find the same value in them that I did and apply each one to your daily financial life. Continue learning, never allow yourself to be confused or lost in the weeds when it comes to the knowledge of your finances!

Till next time:




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In the bible, it says David woke up early the day he slayed Goliath. Think about that. Think about the reason why it was even needed to be said that he woke up early.

You won’t slay your giants hitting the snooze button and lying in bed!

We all have giants. Some are so overwhelming we can’t think about them. Some we’ve put in closets with bolt locks and almost forgotten about them. Others have been on our to-do lists for weeks, possibly months. Moving them from one list to the next. But for some reason, reasons we may not even be able to answer, we don’t have the gumption to make ourselves overcome those giants.

I like to believe that anyone can become a morning person. In a world structured around people who wake up early it is not only a good idea, but a necessity.

Waking up is one of the hardest habits to cultivate. Done slowly and intentionally it can be done your own way and at your own pace.

Here’s how my typical morning used to go. The night before I would crawl into bed, grab my phone and set the alarm for 4:30, excited and motivated that I was going to get up early and get stuff done! I was going to work out, have coffee, meditate and pray all before anyone else in my house (5 kids and 1 husband) woke up.  The next morning dawned bright and early, and the most painful annoying sound to my ears (the cute ringtone I had liked the night before) disturbed my soul like an unexpected fire alarm. I quickly smashed the snooze button with my thumb. Looked at the ridiculously early time on my phone. Furious that it woke me, and completely annoyed with myself for being so ridiculous as to have set it for that time in the first place. There were no kids up, why in the world would I crawl out of my warm cocoon to work out?!! Just 5 more minutes!!

We seem to think as soon as our alarm goes off in the morning we will jump out of bed like Superman jumping out of a phone booth ready to conquer life challenges. This is never the case and it never will be. It isn’t just because you lack the drive. I heard once that a sleep deprived body acts similarly to an intoxicated one. This means that simply waking up early isn’t necessarily an option. To become a morning person and love it; you MUST create a routine and here’s how:

1. Find Out How Much Sleep Your Body Needs:

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Benjamin Franklin

No matter how hard you try you will not be able to go from waking up at 9 am to 4:30 or 5 every morning. This will only leave you exhausted. If you don’t know how much sleep you need already, experiment for a few days. I am an advocate for slow and steady change. I don’t ever like to be imposed upon, or at all uncomfortable! 😊

I like to take things slowly, change things gradually as to almost not notice that I have changed at all.

Being a Rebel, as I found out from a quiz I took by Gretchen Rubin, called the 4 Tendencies Quiz, helped me figure out how to be more productive.  I now know that this is who I am and to stop fighting it.  Figure out how much sleep is too much, and how much leaves you feeling energized. Be consistent. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time each day.

2. Find a Reason:

Let’s be honest. You aren’t going to wake up tomorrow morning bright eyes and bushy tailed just because you came across my post.

You must have a reason.

A drive for getting your body out of that warm and comfortable bed. When it is dark and cold outside you must have a real motivation for getting up. Set an intention the night before for exactly what it is that you want to achieve by waking up early.

how to Become a Morning Person and Love It

Is it exercise? Journaling? Being creative? Getting organized before the storm of children crawl out of bed? Find your reason for wanting to get a head start with your day.

By making a to-do check list the evening before, you set a concrete intention of what you would like to accomplish when you have gotten up. Learning how to be a Time Ninja and prioritize helps you figure out WHY you want to start adding more hours to your day. Put check marks next to each task so that when you’ve accomplished them you get the satisfaction of putting that fantastic little  next to it. (That’s my favorite part!) 😊

3. You Need to Start Hydrating

The third way to become a morning person and love it is to get hydrated! When you wake up, you have been in a sedated state for at least 8 hours, so the first thing you need to do is hydrate. Go straight to the kitchen and make yourself a lemon water and start the coffee pot or tea kettle. This way you are waking up your brain, your stomach, and your liver and kidneys. By waking up your internal organs you are more likely to clear your mind and be able to start to make good decisions and choices.

4. Optimize Your Sleeping Environment

It’s time to shut off the screens. Do this about 1 hour before you lay down and shut the lights off. It is essential to shut off TV’s computers, laptops, iPads, kindles, and smart phones. The blue light from these devices drain your natural melatonin leaving you exhausted yet unable to sleep. The best thing to do before you fall asleep is read an actual book. Especially a self-help book as it will condition your brain for success even as you fall to sleep). If the last thing your brain was thinking about was improvement, your subconscious brain will dwell on that all night.

Get a white noise maker. This could be a fan or you can purchase a White Noise Maker. This is the best ones I’ve found so far, and I like that I can pack it and bring it where ever I go.


how to Become a Morning Person and Love It

This is extremely beneficial for falling asleep as it helps drown out annoying sounds outside or in your home and it helps to relax your brain as it is hearing the same sound over and over. The white noise machine gives off the same sounds as a fan without the chilly breeze. I personally can’t sleep without one. The silence makes my ears ring!

Make the room COMPLETELY DARK. It is also essential that you darken the room as much as you possible can. You can purchase Darkening Drapes that help block out street lights or full moons. Or you can put a towel behind your existing drapes to help with this as well. Also remove any TV’s or fish tanks from your room.

5. Dress Warm

Most people dress in very little when going to sleep. Boxer shorts and a tank top or camisole are very common. This makes getting out of bed a torturous task. To become a morning person and love it; dress warm with long sleeves, and pants when going to bed. Have less covers if you tend to sleep on the warm side. But when it is time to throw the covers off and rise and shine you won’t feel so prone to getting warm and cozy again. This results in you drifting back to sleep!

If this repulses you because you are a naturally warm sleeper like my husband, then lay out your robe and slippers next to the bed. Because even if you are a warm sleeper you won’t want to get out of that cozy bed in the early morning hours.

6. Gradual Change

I said it before, but I think it’s worth reiterating! I can’t stand drastic abrupt change. I truly believe that real change comes from slow and small changes to build new habits.

I found that moving my bedtime and rise time slowly back by 15 or 30-minute increments I didn’t feel the change as drastically. I actually enjoyed the process and WANTED to get up earlier!! I also found my body waking up before my alarm because I had taken the time to go to bed just as early just as many hours I was waking up, allowing myself the rest I needed.


In conclusion, to become a morning person and love it takes intentionality and a thought out plan, but it doesn’t have to be bad! Look I get it. No one wants to get up early after a long hard day just to start another hard day. Yet there seems to be a theme in the lives of successful men and woman. A theme of self-sacrifice for the betterment of themselves. They worked hard to better themselves, so they could make the greatest difference in the lives of those they touched.

Getting up early seems arbitrary, and yet it holds a significant importance. When you can rise before the rest of the world you can accomplish more than the rest of the world.

Good Luck!!! 😀How to become a Morning Person and love it

10 Ways to Save Money on your Food Budget

10 Ways to Save Money on your Food Budget

The dreaded food budget. I despise the food budget. I can’t help but feel that I pay hundreds of dollars for good food that gets eaten by my 5 kids, just to pay for toiletries to clean up after it! J If you feel this way then you are always looking for ways to save money on your food budget too!!

It isn’t hundreds of dollars spent on new carpet or fixing the broken air conditioner! It just goes out the window on food that has to be spent the next week on food again and again. But no matter how I feel about the food budget; we all still need to eat!! 😊

SO with that said I am ALWAYS on the lookout for ways to save money on food.

The food budget is one of the biggest money suckers in the family’s typical budget. Especially if you have gotten the rest of your budget so low that there is no more wiggle room in it.

Personally with 7 people in our house it is one of our biggest expenses. I swear the people at the grocery store know me by name!

We have tried everything and let me tell you there are certain things that work and certain things that just don’t. Each family and situation is different. Finding what works for you is secret trick number one. Don’t be afraid to do unconventional things to make it work!

I’ve come up with a list of 10 Tips that I have found help me keep to my food budget AND save money, which is always the frosting on top of the cake for me! Here are 10 ways to save money on your Food Budget:

1. Meal Plan

First on the list of ways to save money on your food budget is meal planning!

Meal Planning used to always feel like such a big chore for me. Every time I would read those words I would skip over them, writing it off as information I already knew. Yet I didn’t apply.



Meal planning isn’t a strict schedule, only an outline of what is on the menu for your week. This doesn’t have to be day to day. Here are some of the easiest and most efficient ways I’ve discovered how to meal plan:

A: Ask your family what they are hungry for!
B: Check out what is about to go bad in your fridge or what you have in the pantry.

C: Check your calendar for any late or rushed nights this week and plan a easy meal that day.

D: Check the weather, any freezing nights where soup would be good? How about scorchers, 90 and up where watermelon and grilled chicken would suffice? Meal planning will help everyone in the family eat what they like and make your schedule SO much easier! It will also allow some good thought out meals in your head (or on your list) when you are walking the grocery aisles, keeping you focused and frugal!

ways to save money on your food budget


2. Meal Prep

Meal prepping is essential if you are anything like me. I am an extremely lazy cook! (Just between you and me I really hate cooking). But there isn’t much of a choice. I have found that I don’t like to sit in the kitchen for hours on end. I am much happier if I can make things when I am in the mood and have it ready to serve. Also, if you are making meat, prepping it for better flavor and texture is always best. Prepping is essential so you aren’t calling your husband to make that quick fast food stop because you have got it all handled for much less $$$!


3. Batch Cook

Third and going hand-in-hand with meal prep is batch cooking. Batch cooking is simply making large amounts of one item of food to be a quick “go-to” for later. I have certain items I ALWAYS batch cook such as beans, rice, and soup. These are great go to things to throw into a tortilla or make a bowl of when you just don’t have time and are on the go. You can batch cook roasts or whole chickens as well leaving you great options for sandwiches soups, casseroles and the like. This can provide a filling and cheap item to be used in with your meals in a pinch! For example if you are having tacos but just don’t have time to make the beans or rice (cheap fillers) you can just grab from the batch you made earlier in the week!

ways to save money on your food budget

4. Be Creative with Leftovers

Learning how to create a masterpiece out of a leftover is a skill! But knowing this will most certainly save you a lot of money in the long run. Like batch cooking, having the items pre-cooked and ready to go will help you to create many different dishes from 1 meal.

A leftover roasted chicken for instance can turn into the following:

  • Nachos
  • Loaded Baked Potatoes
  • Chicken and Rice Casserole
  • Shredded Chicken Sandwiches
  • Enchiladas
  • Soup and Homemade Bread

And so many more! It’s a great way not to waste food or money!


5. Never Get Low on Supplies

Shocking as this sounds it is one of the best ways to save money on your food budget! Whenever I let my resources in my fridge and pantry get low, I tend to lean toward takeout. By the time my husband gets home and dinner should be made or at least almost ready, I am in no mood to run to the store (You should never shop hungry anyway)!  For some reason I am terrible at timing when my food is going to run out. (Probably because I am always wanting to save money, I want just one more day before I must shop!) So a good rule of thumb is to not let your fridge get too low.

Going grocery shopping when you are on empty at home is an excuse to “over shop” and spend WAAAY over the food budget! It triggers the crises mode in our brain and suddenly budgeting goes out the window! Knowing we have some food back at home enables us to shop with a level head and stick to the food budget and grocery list!

ways to save money on your food budget

6. Make Your Favorites

There seems to be a trend or thought process that if we are eating at home the meals need to be extra healthy.  Unless extra healthy is your thing right now don’t let this thought process block you from making your favorites at home.

At home burger night or pizza night usually winds up tasting 500x better than if you went out and got it! And you save so much money by not eating out for those prices!

Give yourself permission to do nothing but good ol’fashioned pot of creamy mac n’ cheese once in a while! I bet the kids will love it! J Lighten up on yourself and enjoy life!


7. Track Your Spending

This is seventh on the list but was a huge game changer for us!

We would go to the store with our list, and our meal plan, but there was always something that caught our eyes that we needed to have or would be a nice little treat and we would grab it.

It wasn’t until we started tracking what each item cost and how many we purchased and knowing exactly how much money we were going to spend on our food that we started to realize how much we overspent every single shopping trip. You don’t have to be a math genious to calculate what you are putting in your cart! Simply round up or estimate close to where you are at with each item. It gets easier the more you do it!

Try it and you’ll be surprised. Remember if it isn’t on the list, then you didn’t initially need it.


8. Go Ahead and Eat Out

I like to eat out! As a mom, I like to have someone make and clean up dinner for me every now and again! Can I get an Amen!?

I know it’s expensive and puts a HUGE dent in the food money for the other meals I have to make. And yet…….the fact remains I LIKE TO EAT OUT!ways to save money on your food budget

I have lived many years feeling guilty for facts like these. For instance if I was to walk into a store I would bet that I will pick out THE MOST EXPENSIVE ITEM in the place because it is my exact taste! I’m naturally attracted to the more expensive items everywhere!

After feeling guilty for years about being this way, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t need to be ashamed of who I was, I just needed to work with it.

So I’m here to tell you, go ahead and eat out if that’s what you like. Pick the day that works for you, budget for it, plan the place and know your strategy. Split a meal and only get water if that’s what it takes, but don’t stop living life or worse drop the budget because it makes you want to cry knowing the things you enjoy are no longer yours until the distant future!

This actually can save you money on your food budget because it is easier to stick to the food budget and frugal meals knowing you get a “go out” night later that week! There’s no panic of getting sick of always cooking and meal prepping because a break is coming! It’s like getting to eat a cheat meal when you are on a diet but knowing that you have allowed it and will be right back on the diet for the next meal! It helps! 😁


9. Don’t Get Tricked by Coupons

Coupons! They make me laugh!! Have you ever gotten the ad for the week and all of the sudden find yourself needing things you didn’t even remember existed just because they have a coupon for them?

Don’t get me wrong coupons can be great especially for toiletries but when it comes to food, unless you had it on your list of things to purchase that week, don’t add it just because you found a coupon!! This makes you spend more, not less! And if it is something the kids won’t eat, your just throwing it away in the future anyway!
However if you are going to use coupons I discovered this amazing toolbar that you can download to your web browser that finds a coupon somewhere on the entire internet for the item that you are purchasing. Called WIKIBUY. It’s completely free and incredibly useful.

Don’t forget about Ebates. A fantastic service that offers you literally cash back on purchases you were already going to make online! Great way to put money back in that food budget!!

10. Keep a Fridge List

A life saver for me is my fridge list. This is an actual list you keep on your fridge! As soon as an item runs out I slap it on my list. This is a great help when you are focused on meal planning and forget that the salt is low or other essentials are getting down to the end. It also helps you to know, when you are walking through the store and see something you think you need but forgot to put on the list. It wasn’t essential enough to be put on the list so it can wait for next time!


There you have it! 10 ways to save money on your food budget and make your  money/meal relationship much easier!

Let’s be honest budgeting is hard work. It takes sacrifice and planning. But I know you can do it. I know that the life beyond this point is going to be amazing. See how we cut our grocery bill in half and continue to save money on food!

ways to save money on your food budget

9 Side hustles you can do from your bed

9 Side Hustles You Can Do From the Comfort of Your Bed

Let’s talk about some side-hustles that you can do from the comfort of your own bed.

We feel at The Willow Brook Life that not having a side-income is one of the biggest financial mistakes that you can make.

Having a side-hustle from the comfort of your own home is the dream isn’t it?

Being able to be at home after your 9-5, working on something that interests you or something you have a passion for. These are things that make a side-hustle a fun and interesting way to make an extra income. The freedom and power it gives you of taking control and working for your goals is exciting!

Paying off debt and/or saving for something can be a daunting task; especially when you feel maxed out in your budged. Believe me I’ve been there. People often feel that having a side-income would mean never seeing their family or having a life at all. They might think it is too hard, or they don’t want to learn a whole new line of work. They feel that they don’t want to go to another “job”. This is why it is important to find a side-hustle you can do from the comfort of your own bed, or at least your own home!


Having a side-income is one of the most fantastic ways of getting out of debt faster AND adding more room to the BUDGET!!! All good things right?! Check out how we cut our monthly grocery bill in HALF and added some fuel to our budget!


We have always believed strongly in spending quality time with our family and having more time to live than to work. We believe in spending time with your children and loved ones far more than at the office. I think most people feel this way. But we also believe strongly that a debt-free and financially abundant life are essential to happy living!


What better way to achieve all of these things quicker than by having a good side-hustle?

Having a side-hustle that ANYONE can do from ANYWHERE is the goal today.

We’ve picked 9 basic side-incomes that we would like to share with you. They tap into different skill sets, are really flexible to your schedules and abilities, and they are something you can do just a couple hours a month if you want! But the key is that they are side hustles you can do FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR BED!!


Side-Hustles You Can Do From the Comfort of Your Bed!


So without further ado, here are 9 SIDE HUSTLES YOU CAN DO FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR BED:

  1. Customer Service Rep

    Now that Millennials have come into the work force things have drastically changed with how much “virtual” work gets done. Customer service is a field where more and more representatives are being allowed to work out their own schedules and work from home.

There are agencies like Live Ops which will pair you with a company if they approve you to be a part of their system. Or you can apply online at the specific companies that you would like to work for and apply at their direct site looking specifically for “work from home” reps. You would be surprised how many companies are doing this in large quantities. This makes for a perfect job while the kids are at school or if they still go to bed early! 😊


  1. Review Websites, Apps, & Programs

    This is something I recently came in contact with and was surprised that it was a real money making option! I had my website reviewed by a site called User Testing. The experience was fun! I gave my information and within 20 minutes someone had a voice recorded video in my inbox of their first impression review of my site. This is a fun, super quick and easy way to make extra money and you never have to get out of bed for this one too! Other websites are User Feel and User Lytics.


  1. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants do everything from making calls, setting up meetings, emailing and tedious tasks that busy business owners or managers are looking to outsource for their busy days. There are A LOT of agencies that will hook you up with people who are looking for virtual assistances. These can be great ways to stay in your comfy pj’s sip some coffee and never leave your cozy bed all while scheduling appointments and responding to emails! It’s like having a hygge moment while actually getting paid!


  1. Copywriter

If you are someone who really enjoys the English language, you’re great at writing essays, articles or even just a great reader you might be someone who would really love a copywriting gig.

It’s super easy to set up an online portfolio. You can go to places like Contently where clients come and find you and you can seek out freelance jobs.

Side-Hustles You Can Do From the Comfort of Your Bed!


  1. Online Language Tutor

If you have a degree this one may be for you. I have a friend who tutors a Chinese girl in her kitchen and makes a beautiful side-income while homeschooling and being a stay at home mom. Taking this one step further you can stay in bed while you tutor people in English online. This is a great way to help people better themselves and learn something yourself!


  1. Selling Used Books

This one is a great way to make a side-income. Look at places like Book Scouter or Book Finder and of course Amazon. This one may require you to go to the post office every now and again but then that’s it and money trickles into your bank account. My husband once worked with a man who was a self-made millionaire. He recommended this as a great side gig and explained how fun it was! He said that he and his wife would go thrift shopping for fun date nights, hunting for books and vintage games or toys. He said he easily made $400 to $500 a month just from this fun hobby! Not too shabby my friend! Not too shabby!! 😊


  1. General Online Tutor

This one applies again to someone who has a college degree. A great way to really use your degree is to go to an online tutoring website and become certified to tutor k-highschool grade students in whatever field your degree is in. This is great for anyone not utilizing their degree to its fullest in their everyday lives, and a fantastic way to help out, giving your knowledge and expertise to the next generation!


  1. Search Keyword Terms

Go to any company you prefer and search for “work from home” “virtual” or “remote” and see what it is that you are qualified for that you can do at home! Keep your eye out for especially part-time positions for side-hustle perfect positions!


  1. Craigslist

Last but not least is to go to good ol’ Craigslist! Go to that hidden little “Gig’s” tab all the way down at the bottom. You would be surprised what you find there. It isn’t as taboo as you’d think! There are tons of great little jobs in there that are perfect for someone just looking for pocket change! So go check it out and see what you can find that fits you perfectly!



9 Side Hustles you can do from the comfort of your bed

These are only a couple of the ways to make an income from a side-hustle from the comfort of your bed or the couch! There are so many fun ways to turn a hobby into an income or even just those quiet hours when the kids are off at school! Like I said before getting out of debt and saving money for big ticket items or even just to start investing can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Having a side-hustle is in my opinion the greatest way to speed up that process and make it all the more fun to save money! Because let’s be honest, money is more fun when you have some to work with!


Till next time!