Laundry Room Makeovers for Under $50

Laundry Rooms……. the dungeons of the home!

I can’t help but ask why? Why isn’t the laundry room as beautiful as the kitchen? It serves an important part of the family, just as the kitchen!

Maybe it’s because we don’t gather in the laundry room, but I know my kids always know if they can’t find mom to come looking downstairs, and they will find her with her head deep in the washer or drier!! 😊

Most people don’t think about giving their laundry room the T.L.C. it really deserves, or mama deserves for that matter!

I’ve come up with a list of uber cheap, crazy easy little hacks you can do today to spruce up that much neglected room and help you feel like you WANT to get laundry done! Wow wouldn’t that be an awesome feeling!?


Here are some great Laundry Room Makeovers for Under $50:


Laundry Room Makeovers for Under $50


  1. Don’t Under Estimate the Power of a Can of Paint!

This might not be crazy easy, (I hate to paint) but it is a super simple way to transform a room! Pick light airy colors that indicate clean, crisp, and bright! These colors will help you want to be in there to get the work done!


  1. Art

By adding a simple sign that has to do with laundry or a pretty painting to your liking you add character and life to your laundry room. It’ll brighten up your day a little more when you walk in to do your next load!


  1. Create a Bin/Sorting Area

We aren’t all blessed with large amounts of space in our homes, but that doesn’t really matter. Nowadays there is ample number of hacks, tricks, and creative ways to condense your space to fit in the smallest of rooms! Try creating a box to store your bins stacking them upright can give you the advantage of using vertical space.


  1. Lighting

Try changing your light fixtures. By going to your local hardware store, you can pick up a super inexpensive bright new light fixture with can bring new life to any room. Also try using a florescent light bulb instead of a yellow low wattage bulb.


  1. Add Creative Features

Add a fun creative touch, things like putting your Tide Pods in a cookie jar. Or your liquid detergent in big glass beverage dispensers. Use your vertical space again by hanging a hooked peg board and hang little baskets for things like clothes line clips, brooms and dust pans, a plastic bag holder, you name it!


  1. Hang Things

Whenever possible hang it! I recently saw a great hack. Take 2 coat hooks and hang them about 6 to 8 inches apart. Now you can use this to hang your ironing board! Genius!


  1. Plants

There is nothing like the joy a plant can give a soul. Depending on where in the house your laundry room is located and how much natural light it has putting a living or even artificial plant on a shelf or on your drier can bring a brightness and peace to the room.


  1. Rug

I just did this one myself. I put a large area rug that we were no longer using, right in front of my washer and dryer. It changed everything! It is cozier on my feet and makes everything feel happier. My one tip with this is to make sure you do a nice light color. When in doubt always go light. Light flooring makes the room look bigger all around. You can go to any local carpet installation store and ask for rug remnants. Usually you can get a pretty great deal on a large piece of great carpet!


So there ya’ have it! My 8 ways to do a laundry room make over for under $50!

I hope you found something here that inspired you to spruce up your laundry room for a more productive and happy chore time!




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