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Let me paint a picture for you:

You’ve just graduated from high school. Everybody and their neighbor has asked you what your plans are. Every time someone asks your stomach gets all knotted.

You don’t really know, and you go off to college anyway.

You start your classes and pick a major based on statistics. Income margins, work life balance, and maybe, just maybe; you pick something based on your personal interest, yet probably not top of your priority list.

You graduate and head off to your first job. And for the rest of your life you work.

Early mornings

Long commutes

Always answering to someone about things you try to care about.

Does any of this sound familiar? Is your life anything like this?

Most people live like this. They follow the blueprint society lays out and they go with the proverbial flow of “life.” But are they happy?

Are YOU happy?

Happiness is a tricky thing. It isn’t something that we can buy, hold, or store away for later. It isn’t something we plan for or even schedule in.

Happiness isn’t a place, or a destination. Yet, we are all always looking for it. It is our world’s eternal quest.

Have you heard that the Nordic people are some of the happiest people in the world and have been for a while now? Have you heard of the word –hygge-?

Hygge, {hue-ga} has no English translation. (See the definition)

Hygge is a state of mind, a feel in your world and atmosphere. And you need it!

Here is a list of things that would make up a hygge evening.



The first step for cultivating hygge is getting cozy.

Taking off any restricting clothing, and getting into slippers or flip-flops.

Putting on soft and soothing clothing.

Close the drapes. (Here’s how to make your home more Hygge)

Put on some slow soft, peaceful music.

Light a couple candles (really relaxing scents help too)



Hygge is all about close relationships.

Partners, spouses, children, and friends. Whomever you have bring them close and make memories!

Bake cookies or goodies and invite a friend for hot chocolate (or coffee) and a treat to catch up and chat!

Arrange a little winter get together with friends and their kids and go sledding!

Snuggle up with your loved one on the couch with big blankets and read books and listen to music!


Get the girls together for a fun DIY Spa day! Do each other’s nails, and do a massage train!

I’m not much of a “friend” person. So if you’re anything like me you don’t have a lot of friends, or they may live far away. Pets are amazing friends. A kitten, or little puppy can bring more joy than describable! A snoozing cat all snuggled and warm with you on the couch with an over-sized blanket and hot cup of your favorite beverage is just the hygge type picture to paint!



Some days are hard, some are ok, but each day, no matter how horrible, has something worth enjoying. And you can never get that day back! Once it’s gone; it’s gone. So enjoy the blue sky and sunshine, your health. If nothing else your dreams are worth enjoying!

Some days are so hard that you have to make it a point to enjoy something, and that is what the Danes are so well known for. They make it a point to E.N.J.O.Y.!

Make it a point to enjoy the things you do each day. Try to be mindful of your actions as you go through the motions of your enjoyments.

Life is too short to drink terrible coffee. Buy the coffee that you love and brew it the way you want! You can actually save money while getting a better cup of coffee too!

coffee grounds scooped


Take advantage of your work breaks. Go outside and walk, or eat on a bench. Winter is long!

Do you hate the cold weather as much as I do? Going out in the winter is not a fun thought! To help this rememebr that the right supplements can drastically change your mood through the winter and make you feel like summer 😉!

This being said; I notice that every time I step outside and breathe deeply; the fresh air hits my lungs and i instantly feel happier like energy and positivity just shot through me! And when I move around in nature (even winter nature) I am so thankful for the lift I get in my mood, my mental clarity and my productivity.


Buy a plant and try to keep it alive! (See how Vinegar can help!) I am notorious for this one. I don’t know what it is but it seems like I can’t keep a plant alive for the life of me!

That being said; there are plants that don’t need any care! So if you have my same lack of growing gifts you’re in luck! 😁 Even the sweetest little succulent plant will bring joy on a rainy day therefore brightening up your home and your mood! Get yourself some green, living, breathing plants!


Hygge isn’t something you can buy. It’s all the moments you mentally pin as enjoyable, cozy and warm, safe and friendly.

It’s an art of intentional living

Remember; Hygge is ALL ABOUT YOU!

In a world of fast pace, striving deadlines, and constant stress, you can choose to come inside yourself a little more and enjoy the one and only life you’ve been given!








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