We saved over $600 in just one month by changing some all-too-common habits that were draining our budget! Saving money starts as a choice followed by direct action. It takes discipline and intention. Your mind has to be made up that it is more important to save money for, (fill in blank) then to have instant gratification.

Saving money is hard. It takes discipline and dedication over a long period of time! We are not used to delayed gratification and things taking time these days. Just ask my 3 year old who complains if the load circle appears on YouTube! (Back in my day we had to actually rewind VHS’s)

This is why saving money for a future goal is so hard for us, probably more so than it was for past generations. It takes a lot of intense focus and drive, much like losing weight in a healthy way so that it stays off! My husband and I decided to see how much we could save in one month so that we could see some pretty quick results when it came to our saving goals.

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We have dreams of travel and adventure as well as putting our kids through college and so we have a lot to save for! So we focused our time and effort on saving money just to see what we could accomplish in 1 month and the results were amazing! We saved over $600 in one month by making some easy and some intense habit changes in our life!

And that’s really what saving money all boils down to; changing habits and goals. So rather than ordering Pizza at night we put money away for that car we have always talked about buying! It is all about your mindset and changing it to feel the gratification of knowing you are preparing for the future rather than comfort in the present.

Here is what we did to save over $600 in just one month:

Some of these may not apply to you but you may also have other areas of your life that could use adjusting in order to save money. The most exciting part about this is seeing the results in just one month! Feeling that excitement of knowing you are working towards your big dreams and taking charge of your future!

Cut Cable                                      $50         (Channel flipping is a boring waste of time)

Nix Netflix                                    $10         (More time to work on a side hustle)

Stop Eating Out                           $80         (Brown bag it and stop getting drinks/snacks at gas stations)

Grocery Shop Right                     $200       (Also see what you need to stock a frugal pantry)

Don’t go to Target                       $40         (Thrift shopping is a GREAT option)

End Gym Membership                 $50         (Enjoy outside instead)

Delete Shopping Apps                 $30         (It’s so easy to 1-click buy from a phone and spend a lot)

Consolidate Debt Payments        $100       (Lowers the payment in order to put more towards principal debt)

Stop buying expensive coffee     $40         (See how to “coffee” the right way on a budget!)

Total money we saved in one month:     $600!!!

That’s a lot of money to see in just a little bit of time! It really helps to see these kind of leaps so that focusing on your dream gets more exciting month after month knowing that you are working towards it!

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Changing habits can be hard, but it does get easier once the determination is there. It also gets much easier to continue to save money once you can look back and see the benefit of it. For example; being able to look back and see $600 in the bank in just one month made us excited to do it again and again!

When looking at how you can save money this month, I would encourage you to stay focused on your dreams! Maybe even write them down in detail! That is something I have done many times! It helps while saving money for them in order to stay focused on what I really want! Comment on some things you have done that have saved you money fast!


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