How I Saved $600 on Clothes in One Day (for my kids)

Clothing 5 kids every year, all year round can feel like a full-time job at times! 😊

It is always ironic to me how I almost ALWAYS discover who needs what just as we are needing to walk out the door!!

Son #1 needs new pants because they are ALL too short!

Son #2 needs new shirts because they are ALL stained!

Daughter #1 needs new underwear because I have neglected that item on my list for far too long!

Son # 3 needs new shoes because let’s face it moms, sons just don’t pass down shoes!

Daughter #2…. well, girls can pass things down for years so she’s pretty good!

It can be overwhelming to have to purchase so many items of clothing. Till I discovered a different way to do it! A way that not only saves me thousands, but let’s me purchase for the year at a one stop shop!

How I Saved $600 on Clothes in One Day for my kids


Let me explain how I saved $600 on clothes in one day for my kids! 😊


I know we all know about thrifting but this little hack took thrifting to a whole new level!

I shop frequently at Once Upon A Child. This is the #1 kids thrift clothes store in the nation. You can find their locations HERE.

They had a sale this spring where the local high school did a Relay for Life charity drive. It was a fill a bag for $15 dollars event. I went crazy!

I filled 4 bags. One for each child. I knew in advance what each child needed and the sizes they would be growing into soon. I grabbed frantically and these clothes were AMAZING! I wound up clothing all 5 of my children for $45 dollars for the next year! I saved $600 in one day on clothes and that is just by thrift store prices! These clothes look brand new!


When we got home I tallied up the prices that the second-hand store would have charged me.


How I Saved $600 on Clothes in One Day for my kids 2


Even if I had shopped at the thrift store itself I would have spend $660.00!! I spent $60 to fill up 4 grab bags as stuffed and overflowing as I possibly could.

I had:

Swim suits

Snow gear




Name brand jeans


Rain coats

Rain boots

Church cloths



I completely outfitted 5 kids for an entire year for $60 dollars!

I know that this kind of thing doesn’t just happen in my town! Find your local Once Upon a Child, or even high school, ask and see what kind of fundraisers and charity drives they are doing! Believe me; it’s worth it!

If you have done your due diligence and there is NOTHING like this in your area an alternative is church sales!


How I Saved $600 on Clothes in One Day for my kids


Local churches especially ones that have schools attached to them will usually have huge summer “garage sales” Everything is typically marked super low because they want to move the items donated by parishioners and they would rather get your .25 cents rather than have to find somewhere to donate all their stuff.

I have found so many wonderful things not just children’s clothes at events like there. Entire King size sheets sets in perfect condition for a dollar. Artificial Christmas trees, furniture, kitchen ware, children’s clothes, men’s tools, art, coats! Look in your local paper, ask around on Facebook, I can bet money that you will find a good church garage sale in your home town!

I hope you found something here today that will really help you save thousands like I have! Sometimes it’s all about who you know! 😉


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