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Habit’s of Unsuccessful People VS. Successful People

successful vs unsuccessful

We all want to be successful in the endeavors we set out to achieve. We all know to be successful takes work and persistence, and maybe even a couple of tries. Sometimes we must get backup a couple times. But do you ever wonder where the line is between those who DO succeed and those who DON’T?

Turns out it takes a certain attitude, and formula to success. It isn’t inevitable, it is a destiny. Anyone can choose to succeed and anyone can choose to give up. No one is born a success or a failure.

Here is a list of things that each side does with their actions and thoughts that determines which road they will travel.

Which road are you on?

Would you be willing to take a turn off your current road to find what you are looking for?

Habit’s of Unsuccessful People

  • They Give Up Easily

  • Fear Change

  • Waste Their Time

  • Criticize Others

  • Stop Learning

  • Think, Say, and Do Negative Things

  • Have a Victim Mentality

  • Keeping Their Mouth Shut, Never Speaking up, Standing Out, Making a Difference

  • Hold Grudges

  • Acting Before Thinking It Through

  • Know it All Syndrome

  • Get Distracted

  • Talk More Than They Listen

  • Secretly Hope Others Fail

  • Take the Easy Way Out

  • Believe Everything is Too Good to Be True (Everything’s a Scam)

  • Think Everyone is Out to Get Them

  • Hold Grudges

  • Always Angry at Other People

  • Never Set Goals

  • Don’t Really Know What They Want

  • Have a Sense of Entitlement


Habit’s of Successful People

  • Reading, Reading, Reading

  • Write Out Goals

  • Have a Healthy Life Balance,

  • Think Long Term

  • Compliment Others

  • Help Others to Succeed

  • Make To-Do Lists

  • Exercise and Live Healthy

  • Build Positive Relationship and Discard Toxic Ones

  • Sleep Well

  • Optimize Their Time

  • Develop Several Streams of Income (Preferably Passive)

  • Don’t Believe that Everything is a Scam

  • Don’t’ Think Negative Things Will Happen All The Time (Robberies, Fires, Sickness, etc…)

  • Avoids Wasting Time at All Costs

  • Accepts Responsibility for Their Failures

  • Learns from Their Mistakes and Tries Again

  • Works with Passion and Commitment

  • Talks About Ideas

  • Takes Risks

  • Exudes Joy and Excitement

  • Forgives Others

  • Embraces Change

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