Fun free things to do when you want to throw your budget out the window

Making a budget and sticking to it can be hard at times. It takes willpower, goals, a vision for what your future looks like when you have reached those goals, and best of all a plan. I am a natural saver, yet when I want to have fun or feel good, spending money is my go to!

This doesn’t work so well when you have a minuscule to almost nonexistent spending allowance each month. Having a go to list of fun activities to do with your family when you don’t want to spend any money is the absolute best way to make sure you don’t spend where you don’t want to.


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Let’s be honest for a second. I hate budgeting. I feel poor. Sad. Board. And isolated. But when we don’t “budget” we end up broke and scared. When I don’t have a plan for what our day will look like, my financial plan goes in the crapper.


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So, to avoid the feelings of lack, boredom, and isolation I plan out everything. Food and meals presents for birthdays and Christmas, events, activities, you name it. By doing this we avoid overspending, needless spending, and being broke or falling off the budget wagon.


So here is a list of go to things I use for fun free things to do when I want to throw my budget out the window!


  • Google free local things to do in your town (My kids love the beach and parks)
  • Go to the library as a family
  • Invite friends over to play a board game
  • Go to the dollar store with cash
  • Picnic at the Park or Beach
  • Do an art project
  • Rearrange your house
  • Go thrifting for 1 piece of furniture and refurbish it
  • Do an art project
  • Grill outside in the back yard 
  • Make a fire or light a candle and play a board game, cards, or listen/Dance to music
  • Read a great book or watch movies
  • Bake Cookies (always fun)
  • Go on a nature walk in all seasons!
  • Go to a free Zoo in your area
  • Create a Mall scavenger hunt (We did this for my Son’s birthday and they loved taking pictures with our finds! -No money required!)


These are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to fun free things to do as a family when you’re on a budget. It can be difficult to not spend money when you want to have fun. Even harder when you have kids! Just remember how much fun you had as a kid, what was it you did? I can bet money on the fact it was probably free!! Kids are resilient, and in this society of more, more, more they could use a little down to earth free fun! They are good memory makers!

Also if you are looking for something to do with your kids; remember that they want your TIME more than you spending money! My kids like new toys for a day (maybe) but if I am engaging with them and playing a game with them they will never get tired of it! It makes memories and is so fun! We have gotten old board games out, a deck of cards, or just ran around with sticks in the yard! These are the times they bring up the most to me as having the most fun! We also love going on hikes and playing at parks!

The point is, put the phone away and try to be in the moment with your family because we all know weekend go WAY too fast and soon you are back to the work week and busy schedules! Take the time to enjoy the the day and smell the roses! You won’t be disappointed!

I would love to hear what you and your family do for fun to stay on budget and make good memories at the same time! Email me or leave a comment for everyone to see!

Enjoy your family time with togetherness! 😊


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