Clean Your Home Like the Pros with these DIY Cleaners

Have you ever had a professional cleaner come to your home or workplace and whip around leaving sparkles and magic behind them?

One of their trademarks is their soaps. Powerful, light smelling, and limited.

I know, I worked for a professional service once. They didn’t have as many cleaning products for an entire office building as the average home does under their kitchen sink.

The waste of money that goes into purchasing cleaning products for every specific location of our homes is draining your pockets.

In the spirit of savings money, I have written the recipe to 2 of my absolute favorite homemade cleaners!

I have discovered that both cleaners can take away the toughest of problems, from pee in carpet or mattresses, dirty appliances, and sticky, black carpet stains, to mold.

They also clean your everyday not so hard to tackle jobs like bathrooms, mirrors, toilets, kitchen floor cleaner, sinks, wipe down of the fridge shelves. You name it these two cheap cleaners will scrub and disinfect everything you can think of.

DIY Cleaning Products

All Purpose Cleaner

1 Part White Vinegar

1 Part Water

10 to 15 drops of your favorite essential oils (I love lavender and peppermint!)

Spray Bottle

It smells great! (if you pick your favorite sense) and you are not using horrible chemicals in your everyday cleaning!

DIY Best Stain Remover Ever

1 cup white vinegar

½ cup hydrogen peroxide

¼ cup lemon juice

¼ cup white salt

1/8  cup Dawn Dish soap

Fill the rest of the spray bottle with warm water

Let this mixture sit for an hour or 2 for best results.

This mixture has taken the toughest stains out of everything. From carpet to clothes, to corroded ovens. I literally thought I was going to have to throw my oven away, but after sprinkling it with baking soda and dosing it with this mixture over night, it just wiped off!!!!


This is just the beginning of cleaning products you can create! And it will save you hundreds of dollars throughout the year!

Check out this great Homemade Glass Cleaner recipe from

Let me know in the comments below any recipes or tricks you use for cleaning! What cheap everyday ingredients do you use to clean your home?

Full Disclosure:

I still have bleach in my house and sometimes use it on the toilets, if there is sickness in the house!


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