Stress creeps in on the best of us. I truly hate the days I feel stressed. I usually wake up feeling different. Moody. And for me at least, there doesn’t seems to be an easy way to beat daily stress!
Stressful days seem to kind of spiral out of control, until we find ourselves on the couch with a warm washcloth over our eyes and popping a painkiller or two.

• For me I usually get annoyed at the information out there for de-stressing. I don’t have the time or willpower to exercise for 30 minutes a day.

• I either don’t have the ingredients or truly don’t want to eat all the bland and boring health food they suggest.

• And it is NEVER quiet long enough here for me to meditate! (if it is where you are, this is a great practice!)

I decided to create a list of things I truly enjoy that make me happy, and feel BETTER! Things I can apply right now, things that make me take a deep breath and remember everything is okay!

These are my quick and easy ways to relieve stress in my life!

I hope these help you too!


Tea: Tea is very beneficial and healing. It helps to reduce stress and anxiety and a bonus is that is promotes weight loss and appetite control!!

relieve stress

Lavender Lemonade: I know this goes under the category of “not having the ingredients in the cupboard” but bear with me. I too did not have the ingredients necessary for this recipe when I first found it. However, I made it a point to get them, and KEEP them on hand! This beautiful, elegant, lovely, treat is not only a calming experience for the eyes, but the taste buds as well. The lavender is proven to de-stress and relax the most tense muscles in your body. This is one to keep cool in the fridge!

relieve stress


Berries: Especially blueberries are rich in antioxidants and chalk full of vitamin C, which aids in the repairing of damaged cells due to stress. Get your hands on some fresh or even dried berries and treat yourself to a little break.

Blueberries help relieve stress
Cashews: Being a salty and crunchy snack they also help with cravings. However, cashews are high in zinc. Studies have been linked to low levels of zinc causing anxiety and depression. Keeping these little morsels on hand is a good idea.

relieve stress
Dark Chocolate: A bar of dark chocolate is really what does it for me! Mind you it has to be quality dark chocolate, full of all the antioxidants and blood pressure lowering qualities! relieve stress

My personal little tip: create your own little trail mix with these 3 ingredients for a quick grab n’ go stress reducing snack.



Evaluate: We will in a world of habits. We can create and change them, or be enslaved to them. It is always good to evaluate what habits are serving you and which are causing you more stress.

the power of prioritizing your scheduleto relieve stress

Time Blocking: By placing time around the things we need to get done, we make sure to not allow the world to pull us in all different directions. We also create a cushion around our time tables that allow for unfortunate events, like traffic or the like. This can also be related to finances, having an emergency fund helps elevated the possible catastrophic events that will come up.

The Art of Saying “NO”: This is generally the foundation to our stresses. Most people have a hard time with telling people NO. Either because they don’t know how to do it nicely so they just don’t, or they are afraid to let someone down. I used to be this person. I was always afraid to disappoint someone, or that they wouldn’t think highly of me if I said I couldn’t do something for them. So I would stress myself and my family out so badly. I have come to learn that most people don’t really bat an eye when you tell them you can’t do something. The less information you give the better. A simple, “that actually won’t work for me, can I get back to you with some dates and times it will work better?” works absolute wonders! Learning how to say no gracefully and taking care of yourself and the things that you need done will elevate stress levels drastically.

Deep Breath Exercise: Like I mentioned before I don’t like to work out for 30 minutes at a time, and it is NEVER quite here long enough to get through even a short 15-minute meditation with my 5 small fries! 😊 But that doesn’t mean that both of those things aren’t EXTREMELY beneficial to relieving stress. So I made my own version of both! Combined! I call it my MOMENT!

relieve stress
I take 5 deeps breaths in and out and stretch. I get away from whatever it is I’m doing and close my eyes and calm my mind and body by breathing deeply. Then I stand up and stretch. Bend down and touch my toes and bend from side to side. Getting the blood rushing into all my muscles and especially my brain. This clears my mind and helps me remember that everything is truly okay!

This is the  list of things I do (sometimes multiple times a day) that truly help me relieve stress and find my happiness again! Those days are real. And they are hard.
9 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress NowI would LOVE to know of a trick that you do that helps you to relieve stress quickly that most people don’t know about! 😊 Email me or leave your great tips in the comments!

Stop waiting for life to happen


I think it is safe to say that every person in modern society is saving something in their lives for a “special time.” People tend to put many things away for later.

Do you have a hutch full of china waiting for a special Christmas Dinner? Or a box of beautiful clothes that don’t fit anymore. Do you save the expensive candles for a romantic evening that never seems to happen? Are you waiting for life to happen?

These are the things that wind up in storage units and basements, all too often forgotten. Never to be enjoyed or lived.

My mother is a collector of beautiful dishware and home décor items. I watched as she decorated our home in lovely elegant items for my sisters and I. No matter our age she made our home elegant and lovely. As I grew up I started my own hope chest of beautiful things. As I saved, purchased and stored away my own future home I vowed to myself to carry on the tradition of making my life beautiful every day. To use my china for my family on Sunday’s. To burn my expensive candles on a random Wednesday winter evening. To drink water out of crystal goblets and to dress in my nice clothes even when at home with the kids.

There’s a story of a poor girl who lived in poverty with her family. She remembered how her grandmother always made it a point to make their home beautiful despite living in a terrible neighborhood. She hung gingham curtains in her kitchen window and would save to buy fresh paint. She always made sure her clothes were clean and well mended, and she always acted like a lady. The girl learned from her grandmother to live today to it’s fullest. To make the most of everything you have. To be grateful for your life by making it beautiful. She grew up to become a multi-millionaire and an influential part of society.

We are the grandmothers, mothers, friends, aunts, daughters, and mentors of woman all over the world who carry the responsibility of living and passing on this knowledge, and way of living.







We have a duty to our society and gender to live the most beautiful lives we possibly can. A life of purpose, of gratitude and elegance.

How can you live your life more beautifully today?

You can start by getting dressed in your nicest clothes. By doing your makeup and putting on jewelry.

You can start to burn candles at the breakfast table and drink coffee out of a cup and saucer.

You can take the china out of the box and serve dinner on it for your husband and kids this weekend.

You can choose to stop waiting for that “special day” to come and make today special!

On the radio I heard a man telling of his grandmother who had recently passed away. As the family went through her belonging and cleaned out her little old house they discovered boxes and boxes of exquisite old china that had never been used or unboxed. He said his mother recognized it as her mother’s wedding china. She said that the grandmother had found the china so beautiful and precious that she had always been saving it for a VERY special dinner. His voice expressed his sadness when he said, “and that time never came.”

Why do we wait? Why is today not very special? Who defines “special”? What may be special to me may not even be special to you. YOU define your special.

Stop WAITING for life to happen and realize that every day is a gift worth celebrating! Start making today a special time for you. Make moments into memories and stop letting them blend together.

Life only has to be ordinary if we choose for it to be. You can make any day extraordinary. What will you unbox today that you have been saving for a special time that may never come? What will you change to make today extraordinary?



What is “Self-Care”?


Is it manicures and massages? Is it silence and meditation? Or is it more than that?

Today I’d like to share something with you that I was personally not very good at.

I thought long and hard about even being qualified to write to you about this. I battled the thought of being hypocritical when it comes to telling you should do something that I found hard to do for myself.

Self-care is so much more than pampering your body.

Self-care is allowing yourself to sustain your life.

To figure out what it is you want on a deeper level than what to eat for dinner. The difference lies in the knowing what you should do and the actual doing it.

Self-care and the lack of it are all surrounded by the “should” word. Sometimes knowing what we should do for ourselves get put on the back burner. Sleep for instance is so easily neglected. Romance gets put to the side especially when you have kids. Budgeting your finances goes out the window when there’s no set goals or discipline. Friendships get pushed to the wayside when there’s dinner to be made.

Your connection to God becomes a mere memory when you are rushing through your mornings to get the kids on the bus. When life starts becoming a whirlwind. It’s the big ones that lose the most focus. Your personal internal needs. Your emotional needs. Having the conversations with yourself necessary for your creativity. Your emotional compass gets put in the back of a closet in a box for “later” when everyone else is taken care of.


Self-Care is showing yourself that you love you. Just like you would do something special for the love of your life and want them to be taken care of and shown affection and positive attention. You must be positive with yourself and show yourself that you matter!


There is no one else like you and you are a special soul unique in this world! Give yourself some time and care and respect to help your mindset live as a strong and able person completely loving and confident in all your abilities!


The word sustain has 2 very different and very powerfully meanings.

According to Google the word sustain means:


undergo or suffer (something unpleasant, especially an injury).

“he died after sustaining severe head injuries”

synonyms: undergo, experience, suffer, endure

“she sustained slight injuries”



strengthen or support physically or mentally.

“this thought had sustained him throughout the years”

synonyms: comfort, help, assist, encourage, succor, support, give strength to, buoy up, carry, cheer up, hearten;

informal buck up

“her memories sustained her”





I want you to take note of the first definition. To “undergo, experience, suffer, and endure.”

How close to home does this hit for you? I know for me it was extremely eye opening. I realized that most of my life could be described as one of those awful words. A mantra in my head that went round and round was “this too shall pass.” I was enduring most of my days. But my heart screamed for something more. It screamed to be assisted and supported through life.

Self-Care breaks down into 6 categories.

  • Physical Self-Care
  • Emotional Self-Care
  • Social Self-Care
  • Spiritual Self-Care
  • Practical Self-Care

Each are just as important as the next. Without intentional discipline to nurture and care for, our soul is lacking and “sustaining” the neglect. But trust me I can guarantee you that somewhere this neglect will show up somewhere in your body in different ways. Generally, in your health.

It wasn’t until I started to actually take the time for myself, to honor who I am, what I needed, what I wanted even that things in my life started to take a turn for the positive.

self-care soap

I am a natural giver. Before I make the smallest decision, I want to know what everyone else wants. Than based on that knowledge I will make a calculated decision as to the best choice. With generally no regard for what I want.

This got to be bad. It started to be that we didn’t go anywhere, do anything, watch anything, or even eat anything that I wanted because I was always too busy fulfilling the needs, wants, and desires of every other person in my life. My health, weight, and happiness were at rock bottom. I finally realized that I needed a change.

I think especially as moms, we tend to be this way in most cases. When we are in pain or suffering in some way, we tend to ignore it or neglect it and hope it just goes away.  Everything has an extreme however. Without proper self-care and nurturing of self-worth and personal love and appreciation, we can spiral down a never-ending rabbit hole of personal neglect.

So here’s the question now:


How do I want to go about honoring myself by starting to take time for SELF-CARE!? 🤔

The question isn’t about how or when anymore. It needs to be about how you want to do it.

My challenge for you is to set aside a day or a time that isn’t busy crazy day a day that’s more of a down day for you. Make it a commitment to yourself. A non-negotiable appointment to honor yourself as a woman.

Block to this time out: This is a time for you to ENJOY!

What is it that you enjoy? Getting a massage and your nails done is the perfect way to start. But than go deeper. Is it going to the beach? Getting your hair done? Silence? A love session with your husband? (I know, scheduling romance and sex? But let’s get real; sometimes it’s a necessity) Get a sitter, go on a date, and finish it with a long romantic session in the bedroom. Anything that gives you pleasure.

Is it making a detailed description of what you want your life to look like in 5 years while sitting at a coffee shop sipping a latte?

Do whatever it is that moves you to the front of the line in your life. It’s time to be done with being okay being at the bottom of the totem pole.  We can’t live like that anymore. We shouldn’t live like that anymore. It isn’t benefiting anyone to have you depleted. Are you brave enough to step out of your everyday comfort zone and start sustaining your life in a whole new way?