Laundry Room Makeovers for Under $50

Laundry Room Makeovers for Under $50

Laundry Rooms……. the dungeons of the home!

I can’t help but ask why? Why isn’t the laundry room as beautiful as the kitchen? It serves an important part of the family, just as the kitchen!

Maybe it’s because we don’t gather in the laundry room, but I know my kids always know if they can’t find mom to come looking downstairs, and they will find her with her head deep in the washer or drier!! 😊

Most people don’t think about giving their laundry room the T.L.C. it really deserves, or mama deserves for that matter!

I’ve come up with a list of uber cheap, crazy easy little hacks you can do today to spruce up that much neglected room and help you feel like you WANT to get laundry done! Wow wouldn’t that be an awesome feeling!?


Here are some great Laundry Room Makeovers for Under $50:


Laundry Room Makeovers for Under $50


  1. Don’t Under Estimate the Power of a Can of Paint!

This might not be crazy easy, (I hate to paint) but it is a super simple way to transform a room! Pick light airy colors that indicate clean, crisp, and bright! These colors will help you want to be in there to get the work done!


  1. Art

By adding a simple sign that has to do with laundry or a pretty painting to your liking you add character and life to your laundry room. It’ll brighten up your day a little more when you walk in to do your next load!


  1. Create a Bin/Sorting Area

We aren’t all blessed with large amounts of space in our homes, but that doesn’t really matter. Nowadays there is ample number of hacks, tricks, and creative ways to condense your space to fit in the smallest of rooms! Try creating a box to store your bins stacking them upright can give you the advantage of using vertical space.


  1. Lighting

Try changing your light fixtures. By going to your local hardware store, you can pick up a super inexpensive bright new light fixture with can bring new life to any room. Also try using a florescent light bulb instead of a yellow low wattage bulb.


  1. Add Creative Features

Add a fun creative touch, things like putting your Tide Pods in a cookie jar. Or your liquid detergent in big glass beverage dispensers. Use your vertical space again by hanging a hooked peg board and hang little baskets for things like clothes line clips, brooms and dust pans, a plastic bag holder, you name it!


  1. Hang Things

Whenever possible hang it! I recently saw a great hack. Take 2 coat hooks and hang them about 6 to 8 inches apart. Now you can use this to hang your ironing board! Genius!


  1. Plants

There is nothing like the joy a plant can give a soul. Depending on where in the house your laundry room is located and how much natural light it has putting a living or even artificial plant on a shelf or on your drier can bring a brightness and peace to the room.


  1. Rug

I just did this one myself. I put a large area rug that we were no longer using, right in front of my washer and dryer. It changed everything! It is cozier on my feet and makes everything feel happier. My one tip with this is to make sure you do a nice light color. When in doubt always go light. Light flooring makes the room look bigger all around. You can go to any local carpet installation store and ask for rug remnants. Usually you can get a pretty great deal on a large piece of great carpet!


So there ya’ have it! My 8 ways to do a laundry room make over for under $50!

I hope you found something here that inspired you to spruce up your laundry room for a more productive and happy chore time!



5 Professional Cleaning Hacks to Save You Time and Money

5 Professional Cleaning Hacks to Save You Time & Money

Cleaning is always a task that takes ample amounts of time. Cleaning has always been a favorite pass time of mine personally, but I always HATE how much time it uses up in my day.

Today I’m going to give you my 5 favorite professional cleaning hacks to save you time and the job done that much faster 😊

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In my younger days I worked as a professional cleaner. I loved it and loved the way we were taught to glide easily through our jobs leaving it immaculate as we went!

I have adopted the methods that they taught us through my motherhood and constant cleaning tasks! I hope you find something here you can use in your daily tasks as well!

Do you ever day dream of hiring help to whip around your house? Getting it sparkling clean and smelling amazing all in the hour you hired them to do it seems like a miracle! Your house could be professionally; dusted, straightened, shined, vacuumed, mopped, swiped and wiped!


5 Professional Cleaning Hacks to Save You Time


However; rather than pay for someone to be cleaning your house while you get other things done, here are some ways the professionals are able to save so much time while getting a house squeaky clean!


Here are my 5 awesome professional cleaning hacks to save you time AND get the same results as the professionals!


  1. Pre-treat

No matter what it is, if you want to save time the secret key all the cleaning fairies are using is “pre-treating.” It could be a pot, pan, tub, or even window sill, if it is an above average grimy job, pre-treat it. This is key for the kitchen as well.

  1. Dry It Out

Ever notice how amazingly perfect hotel bathrooms are? They are fresh, crisp, and above all DRY. This is key for a perfectly clean home. When in doubt, dry it out. This goes for towels, bath mats, and slip mats, scrub brushes, wash cloths, anything that could be damp and gathering bacteria.


7 Laundry Hacks That Save Tons of Money



  1. Divide and Conquer

This one is my secret sauce, and one the professionals use every day. They start in a room picking one task and finishing it until it is perfect. Say for instance the bed. They strip, refresh, make and perfect the bed. They don’t strip the bed, bring the laundry to the laundry room, throw in a load, and then head to the bathroom to start on the toilet.

They do one task till it is perfect. This will help you in the long run because in a matter of minutes if you keep to a task till it’s finished you will find your job completed and perfect. If you don’t know where to begin think of your room like a clock, start at 12 o’clock and work your way around 😉


  1. Figure Out Your Goal

I am a perfectionist. But some days perfect just isn’t in the cards. That doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty darn good though. By knowing your schedule and prioritizing your day you know how much time you have to get certain things done well. Find your “perfect” for the day. It will look different each day.


  1. Remove Before Cleaning

This is one I’m not too great at. I like to just get in and start the job. But just like painting sometimes tasks need a little “prep.” If you are painting a room you need to sand, tape edges, and lay drop cloths. Same with cleaning sometimes.

If you’re cleaning an oven remove the racks, if you’re cleaning a stain soak up as much as possible, and vacuum sand and dirt before scrubbing the stain. Keep in mind in all cleaning situations your best bet is always to remove as much as possible before you begin. This can go for counters, bathrooms, and tables as well.


There ya’ have it! These 5 simple hacks are going to save you so much time and energy! So next time you start to clean you home just remember:








If you have any cleaning hacks that you love using I’d love to hear about it! Leave me a comment or shoot me an email!

8 Homemade Cleaners that Will Save You TIME AND MONEY!

8 Homemade Cleaners that Will Save You TIME AND MONEY!

I love anything I can find that is about saving time and money! I LOVE the word: hack! If someone says “hack your” I am all ears!!

Today I’m bringing you a cleaning hack that will save you time and money! 2 blissfully beautiful things! Save a trip to the store and save that money in your pocket! 😊


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I can’t stand recipes that are only so-so. So, I’m not about to recommend them to you! Because I’m not here to waste your time! What I want strive to provide are legit ways that I have saved time and money that ACTUALLY work! Not ones that just sound like a good idea! As a busy mom of five, I am all about trying new hacks to save myself some daily headache! J


When we set out to clean we are taking time out of our busy schedules to get a job done. We don’t have time for recipes that only work half-way or leave your surfaces feeling gritty or filmy. These recipes have been tested and work very well!


8 Homemade Cleaners that Will Save You TIME AND MONEY:


Stop waiting for life to happen


Note: Lemon essential oil is my all-time favorite. It not only spells the cleanest, but it also helps to cut grease and grim.


The fridge can either be a beautiful sight or a disgusting mess. It is home to our food. It should be as shiny and bright and appealing as possible.

Take a regular dollar store spray bottle and fill ½ way with hot water.

½ cup white vinegar

½ tsp. of dish soap

20 drops of lemon essential oil

Give it a good shake and get to work 😉



A bottle of cheap vodka

4-5 lemons





8 Homemade Cleaners that Will Save You TIME AND MONEY!


This recipe is amazing for all kinds of wood floors. It leaves it shiny, and smooth. It also smells clean and fresh!


Get spray bottle from the dollar store

Fill it with:

1 cup hot water

½ cup white vinegar

1 tsp. dawn dish soap

Spray an area on the floor and wipe clean with a flat head mop. Which you can find a great option for a fabulous price for HERE.



Baking Soda

Essential Oils

Side note: I purchased Arm N’ Hammer Carpet Deodorizer a while ago. The smell gave me such a terrible headache from all the chemicals. I set out to find a better alternative. This is the best option for a gentle and mellow deodorizer for your carpets. It’s also great for cars, let sit overnight and vacuum up the next day for a clean and fresh smell!!



I tested about 5 recipes for my oven throughout the years. This one is a conglomeration of all the aspects I thought worked well for oven cleaner. As a renter the ovens were always my nemesis. After I created this recipe oven cleaning became a breeze!

An empty spray bottle.

2 cups white vinegar

½ cup of salt

½ hydrogen peroxide

¼ cup of Dawn Dish Soap


Sprinkle baking soda all over your oven and racks. Then liberally spay the recipe above until the oven is drenched. Scrub with a steel wool brush, (if you don’t have one on hand roll up a ball of aluminum foil and this works as a GREAT scrub brush!)

Let sit overnight, and the next day it will literally wipe off with a hot wet washcloth.


Homemade Clorox Wipes


8 Homemade Cleaners that Will Save You TIME AND MONEY!


I absolutely LOVE this recipe. It not only saves me money, but it helps the environment as well! I love that I don’t have to spend $4 on a jug of wipes that just get thrown in to my trash at the end of my chore day!

Take any old rags, t-shirt strips, or old socks would even work! Put them into a big jar.


1 cup water

¼ cup of rubbing alcohol

2 tbsp. Dawn Dish Soap

2 tbsp. ammonia (optional) (can be found at the dollar store 😉)

You may need to add more water depending on what kind of cloth you used to absorb the soap.



½ cup of Downey Unstoppables

¼ cup of white vinegar


Fill the remaining with water

After the mixture is in the bottle put the spray cap on and swirl around until the unstoppables have dissolved. This can take up to an hour.



I recently discovered that plain old baking soda isn’t as effective as “washing soda.” Washing soda is still baking soda it is only baked at a temperature that alkalize it so that it isn’t edible anymore, making it clean your home and clothes that much better!

To make washing soda:

Take a stainless-steel baking tray (preferably with sides such as a 9×13

Baking Soda about a ½ inch thick in the pan

Turn your oven on 400

Bake for 1 hour. Stirring 1 or 2 times in that time.

Regular baking soda has a silky feel. Washing soda will turn grainy. At this point take out of the oven and cool. Place in a sealed jar in a cool dry place.


I hope these homemade cleaners that will save you time and money work as well for you as they have for me! My home is still clean, and I don’t spend ½ the amount of money at the store anymore on toxic chemicals!

If you have a recipe that you love that helps you clean something in your house and saves you time from the store and money on the supplies, we would all LOVE to hear about it!! Feel free to email me or put it in the comments below!

Have a great day😊


Hidden Amazon Discounts You've Never Heard Of

Hidden Amazon Discounts You’ve Never Heard Of

This post contains affiliate links. See Affiliate Disclaimer

Do you think you are getting Amazon’s best prices? You might be surprised to learn that even with Prime Memberships, you may be leaving money on the table!

There is great and EASY way to find EVERY one of the hidden amazon discounts you’ve never heard of!


Hidden Amazon Discounts You've Never Heard Of

Amazon is known for its massive savings, free shipping, and best deals. But did you know that they may not ALWAYS be giving you the best deals out there?

We have all purchased items on Amazon and maybe even over-spent a bit while we’re at it! After all it’s so simple and easy to just click a button and have things delivered right to your door! Amazon makes it that way! It’s very smart on their part to have everything simple and convenient even down to suggested items or “Amazon’s Pick” of an item you search for on the site. But are you getting those items in your shopping cart at the absolute best price? The answer is; usually not!!!


how to get hidden amazon discounts you've never heard of


We have pretty much all heard of Groupon, Ebates, or even iBotta (if you haven’t click HERE to learn more) and other coupon saving apps and widgets, but have you heard of Honey?

It’s the simplest way to save money on Amazon that I have ever found! It does all the work for you! It is just a browser add-on that makes sure you are getting the cheapest price for your items! It does all the price comparing for you! And you get the reward of saving any money that there is to be saved!

No work, No Hassle or your part! It’s the best tool I have ever found out there for saving money while online shopping! You can learn more about it HERE!!!

I couldn’t believe it when I found this amazing little add on for my web browser. I was skeptical until I downloaded it and saw for myself that I could save $3 dollars on a school workbook for my son I had waiting in my cart! The item was already in my cart waiting for me to purchase and Honey made sure I got it for the best price possible! It’s THAT simple!!!!

Imagine how much you can save with Honey if you are a regular (like weekly) Amazon shopper!

There was literally NO EFFORT on my part. I clicked download, and all of the sudden I had savings!

This was just the beginning my friends!

As you all know I am a saver and am constantly preaching a frugal lifestyle as a way to reach your goals! I LOVE to save money and then put the money I saved from my efforts straight into my savings account. This Easy and Free way to save money is a game changer for me!

This widget is completely 100% safe and FREE!!!!!!


how to get hidden amazon discounts you've never heard of 4


Go HERE to read more and start saving today!

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10 Habits of Highly Successful People

10 Habits of Highly Successful People

We all want to know what the secrets of the most highly successful people are, no matter what we are trying to achieve. The truth is, that highly successful people have a kind of secret formula. A way they live their day to day lives. Success doesn’t just get dropping in your lap. That’s called a trust fund, or the lottery, and neither of those are success. To be highly successful requires a sort of road map, a discipline for getting things done.


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How to Create a Habit


It doesn’t matter where we are in the path of life, looking ahead we want to be the best we can be. When I think about my future even next week, it looks happier, cleaner, more productive, healthier, and more organized that it is today! To get there we need to do as the pro’s do!

So, let’s look at some of the Habits of Highly Successful People.


  1. Figuring Out What YOU WANT

Highly successful people know what it is that they are working for each day. Have a detailed thought out plan. Visualize and dream. Map out your future either tomorrow, next week, or 5 years from now.

Mindlessly going through life day in and day out always tackling the same issues with no resolve, spinning on a hamster wheel is the life of average people.

Get off the hamster wheel and lay out that road map for your future.Habits of Highly Successful People



  1. Reviewing Your Goals

Hand write you goals regularly. You’re less likely to veer away from your goals if you are continually seeing them and recreating them. Post them on your fridge or nightstand. Keep them always at the center of your mind and close to your heart! For example; If you have a goal for saving money keep the specifics of this goal written down, you will be less like to impulse buy at the store!

If you have a big goal, write it down in doable steps and track your progress! This will keep you motivated and give yourself some “wins” while reaching your larger goal!


  1. Prioritizing Sleep

This is a huge big one, and most people don’t do it. We live in a fast-paced world where all hours of the day can be swallowed up by something. However, the most productive and successful people put their bodies and minds first and this includes sleep. Allowing you to be your most alert and focused self. Enough sleep isn’t “just getting by” it’s ample amounts. You need to find your personal sweet spot, however many hours you need to feel refreshed and focused.


Waking up and getting everything, you want done in a day is great, but not if you are groggy, exhausted and crabby. You can read How to Get Everything Done in a Day HERE.

how to get everything you want done in a day


When that 5 am alarm goes off, you want to be ready to seize the day to the best of your ability.


  1. Workout

People who are successful schedule time to move their bodies. This isn’t just for staying fit and attractive, it goes deeper. It clears your mind, gets you away from technology, gets your blood pumping and helps you get creative. You HAVE TO SCHEDULE this by Prioritizing Your Schedule. You can learn how to do that by reading How To Prioritizing Your Schedule. When it comes to working out, it is more of a habit than anything else. Unless you are one of those rare people who enjoys working out! It all starts with a habit. Habits are wonderful and magical things that can ruin or transform your life. Learn How to Create a Habit HERE, and you will find harder tasks much easier to tackle.


  1. Reading

This one is another Biggy. Most people don’t LOVE to read. It boars people, and they find that they could be getting other more “fun” things done with their time. However, reading is a proven method to keep the mind sharp. What you read you become. Reading especially before bed sinks into your subconscious mind. According to the Business Insider “…those who read consistently exhibit significantly greater memory and mental abilities at all stages in life. They’re also better public speakers, thinkers and, according to some studies, better people in general.” You can read the rest of the article HERE.


  1. Scheduling Email

Successful DO NOT live a reactive lifestyle. They schedule people in. People don’t just “happen” to the most highly successful people. They don’t set a precedence for being the fastest responders, and they are very strategic with their response. Never allowing others to weasel or even dictate their time and schedules.


  1. Dependability

This one is huge in life. More people flake out on a commitment than those who follow through. When you can say yes to an opportunity you have the opportunity to prove your character. Learning to say “NO” to the things you don’t want to do, or the things that you don’t feel is a good fit for you is a mature and adult thing to do. Saying yes and then bailing causes you to be undependable and flaky. Highly successful people are always dependable and have a reputation for knowing what they want and don’t want. They don’t allow themselves to take on tasks or schedule events that won’t benefit them. When they do say yes they mean it and follow through.


  1. Focustime management focus

It’s time to get disciplined with your focus. It all starts with scheduling. Schedule your time, and then be honest and honor yourself with actually doing it. I recently turned all off notifications on my phone. YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram you name it, it’s been silenced. I get at least 50% to 75% more done because of this. Allow yourself the freedom to focus on the task at hand.


  1. Hand-Pick Your Circle of Friends

The 5 people you spend the most time with are the people who shape and influence your life. These people need to be carefully picked.


Who in your life is not helping you reach your highest potential?

Who in your life is weighing you down even in the slightest?


The most highly successful people do the hardest things, cutting people out of your life, or lessening time with them can be one of the hardest things you can do. Which do you want to be, popular among people who aren’t good for you, or one of the most successful people you know?


  1. Prioritize “Me” Time

Highly successful people know when they have been spread too thin. They know that they require time to do WHATEVER it is that they love. This is the time for binge watching Netflix, reading a novel, going out for drinks with friends. Life isn’t always about working, and it certainly isn’t about doing for other people so much that you forget who you are. Prioritizing that time to take a bubble bath or a long shower are habits that highly successful people do every day. What does “Me Time” look like to you? You can learn The Hidden Truths About Self-Care HERE


Those are 10 Habits of Highly Successful People that you can adapt. Also Check out the habits of successful People vs Unsuccessful People!


I would LOVE to hear of a habit that you think everyone should know of to become as highly successful as possible! Leave those in the comments below! If you enjoyed these tips please subscribe to The Willow Brook Life where we are always looking for ways to better our lives and make it as perfectly balanced as possible!

I would love to hear your most successful habits! Email me or leave a comment below for everyone to learn from! 😊

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Success Means Going From Failure to Failure Without Loss of Enthusiasm

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill

Success means going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm


If success means going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm, then we have to find success in our failures!

It’s hard to fail, however if we learn in our failure is it really failing? Yes I know it’s hard to do something over and over and get up and try again! My husband is consistently doing this and trying to better himself in many ways! He fails but always manages to shake it off and get back up and start again! Sometimes I don’t know how he does it, but he does and that is why he succeeds! That is the only way any successful person succeeds is that they never let their failures get the best of them. They keep fighting!

The only way to climb a mountain is one step at a time. You might slip or fall but you have to take that next step over and over and keep going! It is a struggle and will challenge you to your core! That will make reaching the top so much more worth it! When you’ve been beaten down and want to give up; just take one more step!

It is only when we stop getting back up that we truly fail!

I encourage you today to embrace the failure and reflect on it! It is healthy if you make it healthy! It is strengthening and rewarding if you are willing to see it as that and learn from it!

Don’t give up on your goals or your dreams! Embrace the journey and don’t ever give up! It is time to rise and look at the mountain in front of you and just say, “Here I go; One more step…”

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” Winston Churchill

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm

9 Side hustles you can do from your bed

9 Side Hustles You Can Do From the Comfort of Your Bed

Let’s talk about some side-hustles that you can do from the comfort of your own bed.

We feel at The Willow Brook Life that not having a side-income is one of the biggest financial mistakes that you can make.

Having a side-hustle from the comfort of your own home is the dream isn’t it?

Being able to be at home after your 9-5, working on something that interests you or something you have a passion for. These are things that make a side-hustle a fun and interesting way to make an extra income. The freedom and power it gives you of taking control and working for your goals is exciting!

Paying off debt and/or saving for something can be a daunting task; especially when you feel maxed out in your budged. Believe me I’ve been there. People often feel that having a side-income would mean never seeing their family or having a life at all. They might think it is too hard, or they don’t want to learn a whole new line of work. They feel that they don’t want to go to another “job”. This is why it is important to find a side-hustle you can do from the comfort of your own bed, or at least your own home!


Having a side-income is one of the most fantastic ways of getting out of debt faster AND adding more room to the BUDGET!!! All good things right?! Check out how we cut our monthly grocery bill in HALF and added some fuel to our budget!


We have always believed strongly in spending quality time with our family and having more time to live than to work. We believe in spending time with your children and loved ones far more than at the office. I think most people feel this way. But we also believe strongly that a debt-free and financially abundant life are essential to happy living!


What better way to achieve all of these things quicker than by having a good side-hustle?

Having a side-hustle that ANYONE can do from ANYWHERE is the goal today.

We’ve picked 9 basic side-incomes that we would like to share with you. They tap into different skill sets, are really flexible to your schedules and abilities, and they are something you can do just a couple hours a month if you want! But the key is that they are side hustles you can do FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR BED!!


Side-Hustles You Can Do From the Comfort of Your Bed!


So without further ado, here are 9 SIDE HUSTLES YOU CAN DO FROM THE COMFORT OF YOUR BED:

  1. Customer Service Rep

    Now that Millennials have come into the work force things have drastically changed with how much “virtual” work gets done. Customer service is a field where more and more representatives are being allowed to work out their own schedules and work from home.

There are agencies like Live Ops which will pair you with a company if they approve you to be a part of their system. Or you can apply online at the specific companies that you would like to work for and apply at their direct site looking specifically for “work from home” reps. You would be surprised how many companies are doing this in large quantities. This makes for a perfect job while the kids are at school or if they still go to bed early! 😊


  1. Review Websites, Apps, & Programs

    This is something I recently came in contact with and was surprised that it was a real money making option! I had my website reviewed by a site called User Testing. The experience was fun! I gave my information and within 20 minutes someone had a voice recorded video in my inbox of their first impression review of my site. This is a fun, super quick and easy way to make extra money and you never have to get out of bed for this one too! Other websites are User Feel and User Lytics.


  1. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants do everything from making calls, setting up meetings, emailing and tedious tasks that busy business owners or managers are looking to outsource for their busy days. There are A LOT of agencies that will hook you up with people who are looking for virtual assistances. These can be great ways to stay in your comfy pj’s sip some coffee and never leave your cozy bed all while scheduling appointments and responding to emails! It’s like having a hygge moment while actually getting paid!


  1. Copywriter

If you are someone who really enjoys the English language, you’re great at writing essays, articles or even just a great reader you might be someone who would really love a copywriting gig.

It’s super easy to set up an online portfolio. You can go to places like Contently where clients come and find you and you can seek out freelance jobs.

Side-Hustles You Can Do From the Comfort of Your Bed!


  1. Online Language Tutor

If you have a degree this one may be for you. I have a friend who tutors a Chinese girl in her kitchen and makes a beautiful side-income while homeschooling and being a stay at home mom. Taking this one step further you can stay in bed while you tutor people in English online. This is a great way to help people better themselves and learn something yourself!


  1. Selling Used Books

This one is a great way to make a side-income. Look at places like Book Scouter or Book Finder and of course Amazon. This one may require you to go to the post office every now and again but then that’s it and money trickles into your bank account. My husband once worked with a man who was a self-made millionaire. He recommended this as a great side gig and explained how fun it was! He said that he and his wife would go thrift shopping for fun date nights, hunting for books and vintage games or toys. He said he easily made $400 to $500 a month just from this fun hobby! Not too shabby my friend! Not too shabby!! 😊


  1. General Online Tutor

This one applies again to someone who has a college degree. A great way to really use your degree is to go to an online tutoring website and become certified to tutor k-highschool grade students in whatever field your degree is in. This is great for anyone not utilizing their degree to its fullest in their everyday lives, and a fantastic way to help out, giving your knowledge and expertise to the next generation!


  1. Search Keyword Terms

Go to any company you prefer and search for “work from home” “virtual” or “remote” and see what it is that you are qualified for that you can do at home! Keep your eye out for especially part-time positions for side-hustle perfect positions!


  1. Craigslist

Last but not least is to go to good ol’ Craigslist! Go to that hidden little “Gig’s” tab all the way down at the bottom. You would be surprised what you find there. It isn’t as taboo as you’d think! There are tons of great little jobs in there that are perfect for someone just looking for pocket change! So go check it out and see what you can find that fits you perfectly!



9 Side Hustles you can do from the comfort of your bed

These are only a couple of the ways to make an income from a side-hustle from the comfort of your bed or the couch! There are so many fun ways to turn a hobby into an income or even just those quiet hours when the kids are off at school! Like I said before getting out of debt and saving money for big ticket items or even just to start investing can be a daunting and overwhelming task. Having a side-hustle is in my opinion the greatest way to speed up that process and make it all the more fun to save money! Because let’s be honest, money is more fun when you have some to work with!


Till next time!



Time is our most precious asset. You can’t get more of it and everyone on the planet has the same amount of it!

I have a revelation for you! What you decide to do with your time is completely up to you! It may not seem like that but trust me it is true.


I have great news!

You have ALL the time that you need if you want to accomplish more!


Today I am going to share my favorite time management tips that allowed me to get a lot more done in shorter amounts of time, or at least let me get more focused in the short time periods I have to do so.

People are not magical. We are not born productive. No one comes into this world planned, scheduled, and successful in all they do. No this is learned! It’s a culture. A way of living. It’s a choice!

The biggest changes cannot happen without the first critical step:

1: Mindset

time management Mindset

Our behaviors follow our beliefs. This is gospel. so, I think it deserves a repeat.

Our Behaviors Follow our Beliefs.

If I believe something, then my actions will follow suit.

Look at people who have succeeded at life, make millions of dollars, write best sellers, courses, and business. It all seems to pop out of thin air to us, and we wonder how these people were “born” with so much talent, and “ability” to have such amazing lives. They all have the same thing in common. They ALL HAVE THE SAME MINDSET.

Successful people know that if they make the difficult choices now they will reap the benefits of it in their future. The difficult decisions like waking up early to get a head start on a big project, going to bed late to launch a new product. Making sure they don’t pick up their phones and get lost in the rabbit hole of social media. These decisions are the ones that pay off.

You have to have the mindset of success, the belief that your time is a priority and then take actionable steps to putting that time into practice

Time is our most valuable asset.

We can make a fortune and lose it all, yet we can make it all back again. We can lose our health and get it all back again. Our energy can diminish, but we can replenish it, we can even lose the loves our lives, yet find new love. However, time NEVER COMES BACK.





Some of the most famous words in the workplace are: “Gotta Minute?”


That is the number of minutes that we have. Each one of us have the same amount. No more. No less. People, circumstances, children, pets, spouses, chores, traffic, everything is trying to take a minute.

Everything in it’s time and place is important. Even sitting on the couch and relaxing is EXTREMELY important.

I cannot emphases enough to you the power of your calendar. In whatever form you like to use one. It can be on the fridge, on you phone or computer, on the wall it really doesn’t matter. You MUST start using it!


If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” – Peter Drucker


The calendar is where you are going to plan and track every minute of your time. It is right there in front of you. You can see right there how much you should be using to sleep, how much is being given away to other people, how much is free and not being used.

Track every single thing that you do on your calendar. Just like your calorie app, tracking or journaling everything that you eat helps you see where you can make improvements, where you are going wrong, maybe even that you are not eating enough.

The same goes for your calendar. It gives you the clear and precise data of where your time is going, where it can be freed up, or even where there is free time that you aren’t using properly. Cause let’s be real. Those 4 hours you spend vegging on the couch in the evenings binge watching Netflix and Instagram stocking your friends you have to put that in your calendar and be honest with yourself that it is something that you did for 2 to 3 to 4 hours! 😊

The benefit of doing this is that then tomorrow you can think, what can I do today in that 4-hour time slot that would benefit me and my life more than Netflix! Is it finishing the laundry? Scrubbing the floor? Writing a blog post or creating YouTube videos? Taking the kids for a walk? Having a meaningful conversation with your spouse? You know what it is!


  1. Focus


time management focus

So many things pull and distract us all day long. There are always a thousand things we can do at any given minute. We have more coming at us in one day than ever before in recorded history. The world has gotten smaller and we can easily access any remote corner of it at any given time. You can still get everything done in a day despite all your gadgets!

With the world shrinking and personal responsibilities rising, it is hard to know what to do first.

Here is where Focus comes into play. To be able to tackle any day’s schedule or list of tasks that seem overwhelming one of your greatest tools will be your focus.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t seem to be able to focus on things very long these days. We are apart of a “microwave” generation. 10 seconds is a life time. So here is my tip to you.

Focus for brief amounts of time. Set a timer for 5, 10, or even 25 minutes depending on your level of concentration, and the size of the task you are trying to tackle.  The Pomodoro Technique says that you are more prone to get things done if you are hyper focused for at least 25 minutes.  Give that thing your undivided attention and pure focus for those minutes you put on the timer. When the timer is up. Step away. Take a break. Do a different task. Go for a walk. Get a glass of water. Whichever you prefer or need.

Don’t bog yourself down. Forcing yourself to bog through when your focus has diminished only allows for you to become board, to procrastinate, or worse avoid a task that needs your attention.


  1. Prioritize


We all have our prioritizes in life.

It is important to take the time to put your largest priorities first! This is KEY!

First use your morning to focus on the most important thing of all…. YOU!

Do whatever makes you happy or fulfilled. Prayer, meditation, tea or coffee, hydration, stretching. Whatever you like, take care of yourself first.

Next; Do the most important things on your list first. The most important are usually the biggest most difficult and scariest things that we must get done. We generally tend to avoid them because of these things. But they are scary because they MATTER!

Sometimes people get hung up on trying to be more efficient. People think that by being efficient they’re being more productive. But this isn’t true!




What you do is infinitely more important than how you do it. Go with your own flow. If you work better with music rather than silence, do so. If you work better with short bursts of focus rather than sitting down till your brain is numb, do that! Be effective in your priorities.


  1. Keep Things Organized and Minimalized


7 ways to become a time ninja3

You need a work space that is going to keep you productive not overwhelm you when you look at it. You need a space that you can get creative and really get to work when the time is right. That could be the kitchen, a desk space, an art studio, you name it, it needs to be organized and minimal, so you can really get to work when you decided to. Clear off away the clutter in all areas in your life. Don’t waste the precious time you DO have trying to find things that should have a home. Organize your work station to be the most efficient and productive possible.


  1. Reverse Engineer Your Time Line

By reversing your time line, you can see when and where the biggest things need to get done.

For instance:

  • Big Presentation June
  • Write notes
  • Research more on bullet points
  • Outline Topic Bullet Points

Than you can see at what points you need to work on things. By doing this I know that instead of writing on a to-do list Work on Presentation, which is overwhelming. Instead I know that first things first I need to write an outline my topics and create bullet points.

  1. Create a Ritual

Creating a ritual around your most productive times can really help you get into a flow state. Consider the environment or mood that you are creating when sitting down to really work on something.

For me I love to brew myself a cup of dark velvety coffee, clear off my work space, turn on some instrumental music that helps my brain to really be able to focus. I love having a plant near me, or something green. It makes me feel like sunshine is near me even on the greyest day.

I love having my certain pens and notebook near me for any ideas that pop up during my working time. Or being able to glance at my list of things that I prioritized during this work session of time I’ve allotted.


To sum up how to become a time ninja and accomplish everything you ever wanted to with your time:

  1. Manage Your Mindset           

  2. Keep Your Calendar

  3. Fine Tune Your Focus         

  4. Prepare and Prioritize

  5. Keep Things Organized

  6. Reverse Engineer Your Time

  7. Create A Ritual                 


Sometimes we learn new things but fail to put them into practice. The key to success is applying your knowledge to your daily life. Your busy schedule is no joke. It’s real. And it’s important. So is everything that you can’t get done in a day from your schedule right now. By taking the time to be a bit more disciplined in your everyday habits you will manage to accomplish things you never thought you had the time for!


I wish you all the success and happiness in your daily life! 



Are you so busy all the time, but when asked what you did that day or what is filling your schedule you can’t really answer?

I’m often asked how I accomplish all that I do in a day. Well, what I’m going to say is going to change your world! Yes, my friend, it is time to throw out your TO-DO list!

Getting things done and getting them done in at a quick pace is the key to accomplishing everything we need to get done in a day.

We all have 365 days in a year. We all have 24 hours in a day. Doesn’t it feel like sometime some people know how to get SOO much done in a day and sometimes it feels like such a chore just to get your bed made?!🤔

The key to being able to take on the world every day and accomplish everything you set out to achieve no matter what that is, is PRIORITIZING YOUR SCHEDULE!

Yes, prioritizing is the only thing that is going to help you get out of your head and get stuff done! Your to-do list is nothing more than a list of things staring you in the face with no rhyme or reason, no plan or strategy.   Looming over your head as a constant reminder of guilt and so called “busyness” we are all addicted to.

Prioritize Your Daily Schedule

Prioritizing is nothing more than setting plan and putting everything in its place of importance, relevance to your day, and urgency. This tells you what is important for you that day and forces you to tackle those important tasks. It’s a great way to stop procrastinating and also not get bored on big scary projects either! 😊

  • Take a list of paper and write out your regular to-do list on the left-hand side. Listing everything as you would normally.


  • Go to post office

  • Scrub toilet

  • Sign field trip permission slips

  • Call Mom

  • Clean out bathroom closet


  • Then on the right-hand side you are going to list those things in order of importance to that day. A),B),C).


  • A) Sign field trip permission slips

  • B) Go to post office

  • C) Call mom

  • D) Scrub toilet

  • E) Clean out bathroom closet


Next, you will make a third column and list everything in order of time-frame putting times that the most important things need to be accomplished and then adding the desired time you would like the remaining things accomplished by the end of the day. This creates a deadline for everything on your schedule and keeps your focused throughout the day.


  • A) Sign field trip permission slips  (8:00AM)

  • B) Go to post office (by 9:00AM)

  • C) Call mom (before 10:00AM)

  • D) Scrub toilet (by Noon)

  • E) Clean out bathroom closet (by 12:30PM)

After you have listed everything in its order of urgency you have your prioritized plan of action for the day. Now you can put it into a time-frame. Set 15 min. intervals for yourself to work on the larger more daunting tasks.

I like just using the timer on my phone and setting it in 15 minute intervals. I even use the 15 minute timer for half-hour tasks so that I know when I’m at the half-way point.

You’ll be shocked and amazed at how much you can fit into your daily schedule now! It’s like creating more time out of thin air for yourself! I love it! 😀

the power of prioritizing your schedule

I can’t stand huge projects. Cleaning out closets or painting rooms overwhelm and irritate me. So just like tons of other people, I put them off. I noticed however that the little things that don’t have such a huge impact on my entire day get done a lot easier, so I started tricking myself, to see if it would help. And guess what?! It did!!

I turn the timer on and put on some upbeat music. I tell myself that I’m only going to work on this “fill in the blank project” for 15 minutes and whatever I get done great, whatever is left is for tomorrow.

Surprise! Surprise! It almost ALWAYS gets done 5 minutes to 10 minutes into the timer!


It turned into a huge game where I would either race to beat the clock or get lost in the music and enjoyment of actually doing the thing that had been looming over my head for so long!

It’s really that simple! It only takes a couple extra minutes to do rather than a typical brain dump of a to-do list.

You will feel so much more organized and structured. You will know what is coming up, what is finished, and what you still need to accomplish every minute of every day! You will all of the sudden be that “put together parent”, that organized and always on top of it mom! Trust me prioritizing gets everything out of your head, on the paper, and in order!

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Creating a prioritized schedule really takes no time at all and it makes us focus on what the day should look like and plan it out in a good order. Sometimes I create my prioritized schedule the night before and that way I sleep better knowing it is all written down. This method works great for the week and planning your month too! It’s a powerful tool for those of us feeling like sometimes the clock is just ticking too fast to get everything done!


Remember to follow the steps to show yourself what is most important on your schedule and attack those tasks first in order to be successful!


Try it I know you will love it as much as I do!

Wishing you all the success and happiness in your every day life!!



Your income doesn’t matter, your age doesn’t matter, your race doesn’t matter! The only thing that is holding you back is math! This is why you cannot move forward without a written budget. a game plan for your money and your money goals!

When we don’t bother to do the math before we do the spending we do ourselves the biggest disservice.

“Adults devise a plan and stick to it, children do what feels good.” -Dave Ramsey