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I’m not one to go out and get a Starbucks Latte every morning (although I have been known to treat myself) however I’m a huge Kurig pod coffee lover! So how we saved hundreds by changing this one coffee habit is NOT about how we just didn’t go out for coffee because we were already smart enough to avoid that expense!

I used to drink a half-pot to a pot of coffee a day depending on the stress level or business of that day. When the Kurig machine hit store shelves I switched to that and never looked back! That being said, for someone who drinks as much coffee as I do, This was quite an expensive habit! And I wasn’t even “going out” for coffee!




Some time ago I was going over our budget with my husband and as always we were looking at how we could change some of our habits and save some money. Our food budget is usually what we land on for flexibility and where we can change our meal planning or shopping habits. Be sure to check out How We Cut Our Grocery Bill IN HALF!!!

I realized I was buying around 2- 12 pod boxes of kurig coffee pods a week (it’s really not that much when you have a big coffee cup). So doing the calculations:


1 coffee pod box cost around $7.50 (for a non-decadent brand)

x 2 per week = $15.00 per week

4 weeks = 1 month so $15.00 x 4 = $60 per month of coffee! Yikes!!!


But hey if you are buying a Latte at the coffee shop every day you actually spend so much more than that!

I decided this coffee habit had to change! No I did not stop drinking coffee! I could never do that! I started looking at how to get a cheaper cup of coffee without taking away the bold flavor and convenience that the Kurig cups have to offer.  I found some options that were not great and was also not willing to settle for the super cheap Kurig cups that taste like coffee flavored water either.


If there was a word for foodie in the coffee world, that would be me!

I came across these AMAZING cup filters that make for a cheap cup of coffee but do not diminish any flavors or taste!

2 Solofill K3 Chrome CUP Chrome Refillable Filter Cup for Keurig-r (RED, 2)


These are by far the best ones that I have ever used (and I tried several early on). These don’t leave any grounds in the coffee and are super easy to fill and clean.Now I can buy coffee grounds that are so much cheaper and last longer than the pod boxes that seemed to rapidly leave my home!To do the quick math:1 bag of grounds per week = $4.50

$4.50 per week x4 = $18.00 per month (We don’t even use a full bag in a week)

$60.00 – 18.00 = $42.00 per month!

That means each month I am saving $42!!! And you can save even more if you currently get your morning coffee out of the house!

So let’s take the savings of 42 dollars per month and see what I have saved each year by making the switch:


$42 x 12 months = $504.00!!!


That’s over 500 dollars saved per year in our food budget by changing this one coffee buying habit! My husband and I have both been extremely pleased with how we saved hundreds by changing this one coffee habit that we have recommended this to all of our family members! The financial results are really amazing and this is just ONE way to save some big money! We are always looking for more great tips and tricks to save some extra money and better support our family!



5 Simple Ways to Save Money Today


We have all heard the ideas such as “Stop buying your daily cup of coffee” as a way to save some money. I don’t buy daily coffee (although I love it as a treat) so I have listed 5 simple ways to save money that we have used in the past that are very simple but maybe not so obvious.

  1. Cut the cord

Cutting the cable cord is starting to become a trend and there is a great reason for this; it’s expensive! There are great streaming services out there for movies and TV shows, but something I recently discovered is that you can save TONS of money by switching to a LIVE TV streaming service!

We saved $60 just by calling our cable company (which is the only hard part about this process) and cancelling our cable service. The only thing we actually use live TV for is sporting events and occasional news, but honestly we get all the news and weather details we need from our phones and checking social media. But we were not willing to live completely without live TV due to the sports we like watching.

That being said, we did some research on the live TV apps out there that cost a fraction of what traditional cable costs. After some looking around we decided the best bang for our buck (and currently the cheapest provider out there) was Sling TV.



We had heard the name but never knew what this service was. Turns out they have different package deals as well as add-on options for live TV channels AND we can watch live TV from our phones or tablets too.

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Do you plan to follow your budget every month but always seem to fall short at the end of it? Do you wind up with too much month left and not enough money? I know the feeling. Do you wonder what habits smart people do to save money everyday? Do you wonder what changes you could make to become one of these financially successful people?

Even when we are doing everything that we can to tighten our budget, or save for that next big purchase, something always seems to sneak in and disrupt the saving process.

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Genius Guide to Stock a Frugal Pantry & Save Lots of Money

Learning how to stock a frugal pantry can take a little research. There are so many tips and tricks out there. Sometimes they apply sometimes they don’t.

Some people’s tips won’t and can’t help you.

Things like growing your own garden and learning how to preserve your harvest. This won’t work for you if you live in an apartment with little lighting. It won’t work for you if you live in a wooded lot or if you’re a single mom who works 2 jobs to make ends meet.

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