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The Willow Brook Life

Hi there!

We are so thrilled you are here! 😁

We are Scott and Grace!

A little about us:

Scott is a Financial Professional with an MBA. His passions are his family, his marriage and EVERYTHING to do with personal finance! He’s even taught classes on the subject! Scott would spend hours working on someone else’s budget just for fun and is passionate about helping other succeed with their money.

I enjoy being a stay-at-home mom to my litter of 5 beautiful little children. But it takes more planning, organization and management skills than I ever thought possible.

Even before kids I thrived on time management, productivity hacks, and striving to be the most successful I could be. I spent hours listening to professionals on the subject! I have learned so much in my experiences and am so excited to share them with you!

Together we have created The Willow Brook Life in hopes that you will be able to transform your life from busy and broke to free and financially fixed.

The Willow Brook LifeThe Name:


The Willow Tree branches represent life, nature and fertility or living. A willow represents balance, growth, harmony and learning. The roots represent strength and structure. To us the willow is the perfect image for growing in abundance in our daily living and having the strength to learn and grow in order to obtain a perfect balance and harmony in our lives.

The Brook represents constant flow and movement; water curving with the earth and at times gaining and slowing. This is life; the businesses and constant moving while trying to “go with the flow” of it all. Time never stops and so we feel it is important to make the most of it!

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