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9 Practices To Adapt to be Simply Beautiful

1. Smile

A smile can brighten a day, make a sad person happy, cure a child’s boo-boo, and completely change an attitude. As a society we don’t smile ½ as much as we should. We “put our heads down and power through” so to say. We aren’t looking around at the wonders of life, and the joy that every moment has in it. Smile. It will brighten your eyes, tighten your skin and make you so much more beautiful!

2. Learn Basic Etiquette

There once was a time where men, woman and children were required to learn and practice the rules of the most advanced etiquette. Today anything goes. This shouldn’t be the case. Crass, rude, comfortable behavior isn’t ok. Society tells us to be who we are and as much as I agree with our uniqueness, I disagree with how far we have taken this philosophy. By learning how to talk, sit, dress, walk, carry ourselves and express ourselves we exude ourselves in a class to be respected and therefore present ourselves as that much more beautiful.

3. Learn Classic Fashion Techniques

In a world of Kardashians, Hiltons, and Sirias’s I’d like to challenge you to find your inner Hepburn’s or Kelly. Confused? Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly were fashion Icons of a beautiful and elegant time frame. Yet their simplicity and classic approach are so timeless that there isn’t much about their fashion or demeanor that wouldn’t be applicable today. Learn from them, and research the people out there today that are giving Hepburn and Kelly fashion tips and advice.

4. Practice Compassion and Patience

Nothing is more beautiful than a woman caring for a small child, or kissing a puppy. Nothing is sweeter than a calm, cool, and collected woman with a sense of confidence that exudes through her patience in stressful or annoying situations. It’s easy to yell, curse, and generally freak out at the people or situations that annoy us. It takes courage and intention to have compassion and patience for the annoying moments and people in our lives.

5. Practice Good Skin Care Routine

Having a good skin care routine will reap you benefits that only time will tell. By taking care of your skin especially your face you not only avoid blemishes and scars, but you help your skin to age beautifully. Add that smile and you have a million-dollar face that your peers will someday be paying thousands of dollars to try and achieve with Botox. Check out 13 Hacks to Flawless Skin!

6. Self-Care

Life is busy. There’s no questioning that. And 9 times out of 10 we put ourselves on the back burner. We get tired, frustrated, and depleted. None of which are beautiful. Take time to refill. You can’t give what you don’t have. When you take the time to pamper and baby yourself, or just enjoy time you radiate a happiness from within that causes you to be more beautiful and pleasant to be around.

7. Sleep

Going hand-in-hand with self-care, being tired is never beautiful. Getting enough quality sleep helps your eyes be brighter, skin clearer, your body not suffer from common sleep derivational pains, causing you to have a happier mood. And we all know that happiness is the golden key to beauty.

8. Posture

Holding ourselves with confidence and security gives off a vibe of beauty. They say nothing is more beautiful than a confident woman. No matter your figure, size, facial expressions or beauty flaws keeping your posture straight and confident will offset any imperfections and have you radiate beauty.

9. Talk Less

The less you say the less you must be sorry for. We all tend to want to be the ones to talk. We talk about ourselves, our opinions and our lives. But how often do we just listen. Think about the most beautiful person you know. Are they always the ones talking in your conversations or are they mostly listening to you? Show off your smarts by saying less but saying a lot.  Being kind and smart are very attractive.

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