8 Homemade Cleaners that Will Save You TIME AND MONEY!

I love anything I can find that is about saving time and money! I LOVE the word: hack! If someone says “hack your” I am all ears!!

Today I’m bringing you a cleaning hack that will save you time and money! 2 blissfully beautiful things! Save a trip to the store and save that money in your pocket! 😊


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I can’t stand recipes that are only so-so. So, I’m not about to recommend them to you! Because I’m not here to waste your time! What I want strive to provide are legit ways that I have saved time and money that ACTUALLY work! Not ones that just sound like a good idea! As a busy mom of five, I am all about trying new hacks to save myself some daily headache! J


When we set out to clean we are taking time out of our busy schedules to get a job done. We don’t have time for recipes that only work half-way or leave your surfaces feeling gritty or filmy. These recipes have been tested and work very well!


8 Homemade Cleaners that Will Save You TIME AND MONEY:


Stop waiting for life to happen


Note: Lemon essential oil is my all-time favorite. It not only spells the cleanest, but it also helps to cut grease and grim.


The fridge can either be a beautiful sight or a disgusting mess. It is home to our food. It should be as shiny and bright and appealing as possible.

Take a regular dollar store spray bottle and fill ½ way with hot water.

½ cup white vinegar

½ tsp. of dish soap

20 drops of lemon essential oil

Give it a good shake and get to work 😉



A bottle of cheap vodka

4-5 lemons





8 Homemade Cleaners that Will Save You TIME AND MONEY!


This recipe is amazing for all kinds of wood floors. It leaves it shiny, and smooth. It also smells clean and fresh!


Get spray bottle from the dollar store

Fill it with:

1 cup hot water

½ cup white vinegar

1 tsp. dawn dish soap

Spray an area on the floor and wipe clean with a flat head mop. Which you can find a great option for a fabulous price for HERE.



Baking Soda

Essential Oils

Side note: I purchased Arm N’ Hammer Carpet Deodorizer a while ago. The smell gave me such a terrible headache from all the chemicals. I set out to find a better alternative. This is the best option for a gentle and mellow deodorizer for your carpets. It’s also great for cars, let sit overnight and vacuum up the next day for a clean and fresh smell!!



I tested about 5 recipes for my oven throughout the years. This one is a conglomeration of all the aspects I thought worked well for oven cleaner. As a renter the ovens were always my nemesis. After I created this recipe oven cleaning became a breeze!

An empty spray bottle.

2 cups white vinegar

½ cup of salt

½ hydrogen peroxide

¼ cup of Dawn Dish Soap


Sprinkle baking soda all over your oven and racks. Then liberally spay the recipe above until the oven is drenched. Scrub with a steel wool brush, (if you don’t have one on hand roll up a ball of aluminum foil and this works as a GREAT scrub brush!)

Let sit overnight, and the next day it will literally wipe off with a hot wet washcloth.


Homemade Clorox Wipes


8 Homemade Cleaners that Will Save You TIME AND MONEY!


I absolutely LOVE this recipe. It not only saves me money, but it helps the environment as well! I love that I don’t have to spend $4 on a jug of wipes that just get thrown in to my trash at the end of my chore day!

Take any old rags, t-shirt strips, or old socks would even work! Put them into a big jar.


1 cup water

¼ cup of rubbing alcohol

2 tbsp. Dawn Dish Soap

2 tbsp. ammonia (optional) (can be found at the dollar store 😉)

You may need to add more water depending on what kind of cloth you used to absorb the soap.



½ cup of Downey Unstoppables

¼ cup of white vinegar


Fill the remaining with water

After the mixture is in the bottle put the spray cap on and swirl around until the unstoppables have dissolved. This can take up to an hour.



I recently discovered that plain old baking soda isn’t as effective as “washing soda.” Washing soda is still baking soda it is only baked at a temperature that alkalize it so that it isn’t edible anymore, making it clean your home and clothes that much better!

To make washing soda:

Take a stainless-steel baking tray (preferably with sides such as a 9×13

Baking Soda about a ½ inch thick in the pan

Turn your oven on 400

Bake for 1 hour. Stirring 1 or 2 times in that time.

Regular baking soda has a silky feel. Washing soda will turn grainy. At this point take out of the oven and cool. Place in a sealed jar in a cool dry place.


I hope these homemade cleaners that will save you time and money work as well for you as they have for me! My home is still clean, and I don’t spend ½ the amount of money at the store anymore on toxic chemicals!

If you have a recipe that you love that helps you clean something in your house and saves you time from the store and money on the supplies, we would all LOVE to hear about it!! Feel free to email me or put it in the comments below!

Have a great day😊



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