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7 Essential Health Habits of Super Fit People

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Sharing a big secret here: DIETS DON’T WORK!!!! Sure they might work for a month or even a season but the weight comes back, and it comes back with a vengeance! They are also impossible to stay on and always leave us feeling like a failure! And so there we are waiting for the next diet fad to come along and convince us that we HAVE TO get on board and try again!

This was me. A “yo-yo dieter”. I had been one for basically my whole life (since about age 10). I had lost weight and got great comments from friends and family only to put it all back on and get not-so-great comments from friends and family.

It’s no fun going to buy new clothes because you have gone up another size in pants. Some people say that overweight people are lazy! I disagree 100%! If anything I worked harder than anybody to try to lose weight and be healthier!

The problem was that I followed what everyone said would work and what “new formula” they had created in a lab. I should have been listening to my own body and used holistic approaches, without a bunch of chemical magic pills or smoothie powders! Rather than listening to the fads I researched and studied to find the right approach for me and some great secrets that people use all the time to stay lean and healthy!

First; I strongly recommend The Gabriel Method as this is what got me started on my holistic journey to health! It is a must for anyone looking to make their health and wellness a lifestyle in easy steps rather than just attempt another failed diet.

It breaks down your body’s natural process and reaction to food and situations. It also looks at why you carry extra weight and the exact way that you, personally can get rid of yours.

On top of this plan and the amazing success I have had following it; here are some great habits that healthy people do to stay fit and lean:

Food Comes First

Healthy people do not skimp on the quality of food or health benefit of it. They research the health benefits of what they should be eating and plan what will be eaten. They make what they eat a priority over other things. Food becomes important as a health benefit instead of a necessary evil to be avoided. They don’t follow the main stream games; “eggs are good for you/eggs are bad for you”. Rather; they make food a known ally through extensive research rather than an unknown enemy.

Plan Ahead

90% of the time food is not an afterthought to in-shape people it is pre-planned and structured. This avoids the late night run to McDonald’s or having to grab a fast food lunch that packs on the pounds! It is healthy and structured and is cooked or prepared in advance as fuel and energy rather than a craving for empty calories.

Start with Water

Most of the time our stomachs tell our brain that it needs something and we assume this is food, but it’s not. Check out how to know the difference from this article on It is important to start with water because this is usually what your body is asking for.

Stop the Diets

As said before; diets are not a permanent solution to the problem. They are a temporary fix that leaves us feeling like a failure. Stop the diets and instead incorporate some lifestyle changes into your habits. Rather than taking away all of something, add more of something. For example; instead of bacon and eggs, add a side grapefruit or salad to your breakfast and start showing your body some healthy nutrients more often (every meal is ideal also a side note overnight oats makes an amazing breakfast!).

Think in Color

Add more colors to you meals! No not decadent desserts or candies; more living plant colors! Greens, Oranges (the fruit too), purples, yellows, reds….you get the idea. Add colors you would find in a garden or in a salad and make sure you have a colorful plate! This not only appeals to your eyes with its beauty but will appeal to your body through energy and vibrancy!

Fuel the Tank

Think about what you are craving and then link that to what you should be fueling your body with. For example; when I am craving a hamburger (which used to happen a lot) I know my body is craving protein and iron. Or when I am craving chocolate (still happens a lot) I am craving sweets and the antioxidants or magnesium. Check out this article from wellness mama to understand why we crave chocolate. I need to fuel my tank with healthy options that are rich in the nutrients my body is looking for.

Stop the Addiction

We are addicted to empty calories. Not on purpose. Not by us anyway. We crave sugar and salt and everything in between that is not healthy for us in the massive quantities we see today. The only way to stop the addiction to this is to scale back in a big way! We need to read labels and realize just what is going into our bodies. We can make healthier choices right in the grocery aisle by not choosing the high sugar options or by avoiding specific aisles all together! Cutting back on the bad choices will lower our body’s desire for them. It is the same with anything our body is addicted to, it will be hard at first but extremely beneficial (and also gets easier and easier as the desire fades).


Love Life

Think past the moment. Love life and enjoy it and don’t make food a shackle. Find a new hobby or passion in life as you work on implementing some of these new lifestyle habits. Most people who take this step usually end up becoming routine exercisers or find a sport they really enjoy! It doesn’t have to be that right away! When I first started with these healthy habits we got really into hiking at different start parks and it was a blast! We still love hiking and it is more enjoyable now than ever before!

One of the best things about implementing these health habits are that they can easily become second nature and therefore can be used for a lifetime rather than your typical diet span. Diets leave us feeling like failures while implementing small healthy changes consistently leaves us feeling (and looking) like a champion! Don’t wait for tomorrow or Monday when all it takes is being aware in each moment of your own body and what you desire! Just ask yourself “what is it that I really want for my body?”

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