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6 Secrets to Beat the Winter Weight and Slim Down Fast

As the cold sets in and we hunker down for the winter you might start to feel your jeans tighten up and your face might begin to have that all too familiar winter puffiness to it once again.

Unfortunately it’s something all too expected and yet unexpected.  We all know that the cold brings heavier comfort foods, and less exercise. But we all promise ourselves to never let it happen again next year!

Here is a list of practical little tweaks and changes you can make this winter to beat the hibernation weight!

Drink More Water:

Ok this one seems like a Duh! But water becomes somewhat of an afterthought when the hot days disappear and your body feels colder rather than warmer. We oftern reach for the coffee or cocoa (or a warm bite of something) rather than our water bottles.

Research has shown that by drinking a 8 oz glass of water will boost your metabolism by 30%, helping shluff off all those extra creamy casseroles or holiday calories. Also; hydration is one of the key elements to all the beauty secrets out there! Keeping your skin hydrated from the inside out will give you a slimmer glow throughout the winter. So next time you go for that can of Diet Soda just think of your poor wintery skin!!

Green Tea:

Ok, I’m not a tea drinker. Brew me a cup of coffee and you are my best friend! But tea is always a chore for me to drink. I know the benefits, and yet that strong robust coffee always brings me to my happy place. However recently I discovered a brand called Numi Toasted Rice Green Tea and it is to die for!!

If you’re a tea drinker Horray!! But if not then my suggestion is to find one you really love and cut out that coffee after lunch and switch to your tea of choice. Green, however; has the most weight loss benefits.

Omega-3 Supplement:

Adding extra omega-3’s to your diet encourages your body to let go of excess. By taking extra omega-3’s, your body acknowledges it’s safe, and not starving. The regular American diet is pretty void of this important vitamin, so by eating foods rich in Omega-3’s such as walnuts, salmon, and chia seeds or by taking a quality supplement your body can relax and pretend it’s on the beach rather than wanting to pack on pounds!!


Think of fiber like a scrub brush to your insides! By consuming more fibrous foods you are essentially scrubbing junk out of your intestines.  Soluble Fiber comes from fruit and veggies, brown rice, beans and bran, lentils, and oats.   The insoluble fibers move through the digestive system to remove waste, toxins and materials your body doesn’t need. Fiber also absorbs water retention in the system and causes you to feel fuller faster and longer. Which of course means eating less and less often!! Win! Win! Win!


The Right Food Choices:

Consuming more foods that help fight fat is an effortless way to help you stay slimmed down and maybe even drop a few pounds. Foods such as avocados, raw (not cooked) olive oil, almonds, blueberries, apples, spinach, cinnamon, and brown free-range eggs are all great. As for the eggs the more you can find out about the way the chickens are raised and fed the better. Lots of eggs can be brown and free range, but free-range is a loose term these days. Knowing where they come from or even knowing the actual farmer will help you get the most benefits from your eggs.

Cut out the White:

Ugg!! I cringe even writing those words. No one really wants to hear it right?! And yet…. Here we are! Yes, the 3 white monsters in our kitchens!! And inevitably in any food ever made!!

  1. Flour
  2. Sugar
  3. Salt

Recently an article came out with famous Former Food Network’s Paula Deen (the one who cooked everything in extra butter and oil). She revealed how she lost 40 lbs. in a few months by cutting out white bread, white rice, white potatoes, and white pasta. She cut back on her sugar intake and learned to replace more fating ingredients with healthier choices.

Here is an article on how she did it 

Bonus: Move

We aren’t all gym people. Most of us aren’t at least, especially those of us looking to lose weight. It’s hard to get to the gym, it’s expensive and time consuming especially for busy moms and corporate woman.

So, here’s my tip for exercise. Get on your Pintrest board. We all have one! If you haven’t created a workout board start one! There are so many fantastic workouts on Pintrest that take as little as 15 minutes and will show drastic results in a little amount of time. Such as the plank or squat challenge! Each day choose a different workout from the list that you have pinned on your board. Just go down the line, you won’t get bored, you’ll get to be on Pintrest, you’ll feel great about yourself and you will be helping achieve your goals or maintain them with just a couple minutes each day!

I know it feels like we have heard all these things before. So it all boils down to action.  Taking those extra conscious steps each day to achieve your goals, and just being kinder to your beautiful body!

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