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5 Tricks to Instantly Reach Your New Year’s Resolution

The New Year is around the corner. Its funny how slowly the year seems to creep by for the first half, and by June it’s flying so fast you might as well start Christmas shopping because it’s just around the corner!

As a kid, it was; of course, a tradition to set New Year’s resolutions. Then as an adult the tradition slipped. I noticed how lax I got in my early 20’s with certain things. And how if I wasn’t intentional with my year, my goals, and my wishes they would either fade into past thoughts, or cease to exist in my mind at all.

There’s a lot of information out there on goal setting. Achieving you goals. Time management. There’s a style for every type. But sometimes there just isn’t enough simplicity to grab and go with.

Here is a quick list of ways to set your New Year’s Intentions as simply as you did as a child.

  1. Make it Specific

Sometimes we throw things like “lose weight” on a list, giving us no real goal to achieve. Give yourself a specific goal like “lose 10 lbs by May.”This makes it a goal rather than just a wishful thinking dream.

  1. Keep It Realistic

If a goal is bit size it is more easily achievable. It doesn’t bog us down with guilt when it isn’t achieved. Setting a goal to lose 10 lbs. vs. 50 is more attainable. Giving us a guaranteed win over years and years of failure. If you go over that goal you have more to celebrate. If you do have something larger to achieve “start a business” break it down into bullet points for each month. Giving yourself a road map.

  1. Keep it Visible

Write it down and pin it up! Put a post it on the mirror, the head board, your dashboard, your wallet. Wherever you will see it every day and it remains personal to you. Keep it in sight! It’s bound to get into your subconscious better when it’s around daily.

  1. Make Sure You Really Want It

Sometimes we have goals and dreams that we have been conditioned to believe we want or need. In reality it isn’t anything we want.  For instance society can tell us to be a certain size, a relative can comment on our weight and we begin to feel losing weight is something we need to do.

Be true to yourself. Setting a goal you secretly have no desire to achieve will be an automatic failure. Change it up this year and really dig down deep. Figure out what resonates with you and achieve YOUR goals.

  1. Reward Your Success

Did you ever get an A on a test and went out for Ice Cream?  I don’t know about you, but I think life is too short to be an adult about everything all the time. When I succeed at something I like a little reward! Treat yourself when you do something that brings you closer to accomplishing your resolution!


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