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5 Essential Hacks to Reach your Goals.

5 essential hacks to reach your goals

Everyone has goals and dreams that they want to achieve. The only way to achieve them is to move from wanting them to taking daily steps towards actually achieve them! Here are some easy hacks to help us move closer to reaching our goals on a daily basis!

I have many dreams and ambitions in life, but most of the time I let life happen first and then try to work on my goals and dreams after. This usually winds up with me on the couch falling asleep at 11pm while trying to remember what I was going to do today.

I decided that I was sick of the wanting and needed to take action, ANY ACTION that would get me closer to a goal of mine! I have always wanted to become “a runner”; you know, those people who look like they actually enjoy running at 4 in the morning as if the ground is moving for them and they are just gliding by (without huffing and puffing I should add).

First I decided to wake up at 5:30 and get my butt out the door. But it was cold, and I was tired, and the covers were so cozy and warm. And who was I kidding that I was going to be awake at 5:30 without a cup of coffee?


The days past by and an excuse always came before my running (or getting out of bed). I was up late with the kids. I was feeling like I might be getting sick. It was raining outside. I wasn’t sure where I left my shoes (yes I actually used that as a justification).

This went on for longer than I care to say. Finally I decided that instead feeling like a horrible person for never accomplishing my goal, or even the first step (literally), I needed plan! I needed to do some self-reflecting and realize some things about myself.

1st. I am NOT a morning person! There is no way I am getting out of my amazing bed for something that seems like torture at the time. I don’t even think I would get out of bed that early for something I actually enjoyed doing.

2nd I hadn’t seriously ran since high school and now I’m thinking I’m going to wake up, go out in the cold and be an Olympic athlete sprinting away! Not happening.

3rd By this point I had such a negative outlook at the whole idea because I had considered myself a failure at it for not even starting.

Now it was time to turn things around. I utilized some steps to help me achieve my goals and even though I am still working on them; I use these steps as a guide for everything I want to achieve.

  1. Find your Time

    We aren’t all jumping out of bed ready to get moving in the morning, but you may have energy around lunch time or at night. Use this time to work on your #1 goal. This way you are giving it your best attention and skill! This will also help you have a more positive approach towards what you want to accomplish and to push harder than you would at any other time.

  2. Make it Easy on Yourself

Set up is important. For example; when I laid out my running clothes (and shoes) the day before I went to workout, it made it so much easier to just get moving with the exercise while I had the motivation.

 It’s like making a healthy meal for lunch the night before so that you don’t find yourself searching for junk food the next day! Do everything you can to prepare ahead of time and set up. This way you have no excuses to not start. Maybe get the coffee pot hours before you plan to sit down and get some work done.

3. Break it Down

Much like being prepared and not losing motivation by having to look for your shoes instead of getting out the door, breaking down your goals is a fundamental step towards positive actions. Climbing a mountain is achieved with every step. So create smaller goals in order to reach your big one. I started out walking until I got used to the idea of getting moving and then slowly worked my way into a jog. The distance wasn’t anything to brag about either but is also slowly improving with each time. Setting up little barriers to breakthrough will keep you from feeling discouraged and help you feel like a winner more! This is HUGE for your motivation!


  1. Go Back to Your Best

    Think of a time when you were at your best. Maybe it was when you were a kid or before you had kids. What was your mindset? What was your stress level? What was your outlook on life? Get back there! Even if it is just for a few minutes a day. Do some meditation or start thinking of situations in a more positive manner (I know it is much easier said than done). But just feeling that fire that you did when you were accomplishing things will help you feel the fire again!


  1. Think Positive

    –hard but important. This is why I do the first 4 steps. It keeps me motivated and positive. When I felt like a failure for not getting up and running a marathon every morning, I didn’t feel too positive towards the whole idea of running. Taking the time (even if it is spread throughout the day) to set yourself up for success is huge for actually being successful!


Maybe your goal is not to be a runner. These steps are still vitally important to work through and accomplish goals that you set for yourself! Time keeps on going with or without us in mind. It is up to us to work on ourselves and our dreams. Doing these things has had a significant impact on my life and have started to change my overall approach to things in general. I am no longer a procrastinator but a doer! Let me know what you think of these tips and what you do to help yourself reach your goals!


I wish you all the success and happiness in your daily life!

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