5 Coffee Brewing Mistakes You Have to Stop Making Today

Everyone knows that a cup of coffee from your local coffee shop of choice is a treat over home brewed. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

If your morning cup of coffee isn’t as tasty and satisfying as a $5 cup down the street, chances are you are making 1 or more of the following mistakes when brewing an at home cup of coffee.

  1. Ignoring a dirty Coffee Maker

Be sure to clean all the parts of your coffee maker, especially the ones that come in contact with the grinds. The grinds leave an oil behind that gives you a grimy, dusty, moldy pot.


  1. Using Warm Water and Stale Grounds

Make sure the water is ice cold and be sure to use whole beans ground fresh daily in your coffee grinder. Anything else will taste stale.


  1. Not Using Enough Coffee

According to the experts you should be using 2 tablespoons for every 6 oz. of water

  1. Letting Water Sit in the Reservoir for Weeks

If you haven’t used your coffee maker in weeks run it through a cleaning cycle once and don’t forget the ice-cold water when you fill it back up.


  1. Brewing Old Pods

This one is for the single-serve machines. Never EVER use a pod twice! This will only result in a disappointing watered-down cup-of-joe. And no one wants that! –Also if you aren’t liking the strength of your brew, go with a dark roast or brew a smaller cup size to have a bolder flavor.


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