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3 Secret Tricks to Lose Inches Fast! (Like Less than 24 Hours)

Sometimes it isn’t about losing weight. Who am I kidding it’s ALWAYS about losing weight!

But sometimes there just isn’t time! An upcoming wedding, a school dance, a pool party, it’s that time of the month and your super bloated. You name it and it can probably fall into the category of “not enough time.”

Don’t worry I’ve got you covered! I have a list of tried and true ways to help you drop a handful of inches off you middle and thighs in a days’ time!


These tips are not meant to be a lifestyle or diet. They are meant to help you get less bloated, and take off some extra water weight to help you fit into your clothes better!

A few years ago, I was playing a professional harp gig for a beautiful Ball. Tons of people would be looking at me! I had purchased a beautiful ball gown, gotten a professional hair up do and I was excited!

Luckily, I tried on the dress the night before.

I slipped that lovely satin dress over my head and the zipper didn’t make it up past the middle of my back.

It seems my seamstress had taken my measurements wrong when hemming and taking it in. There was no way this dress was going to fit. And this was less than 24hrs before my performance!

I was devastated! I had paid to have this dress made just right and was looking forward to this day all year! All of my excitement turned to sheer panic! But I decided that I wasn’t going to lose it and let life win! So, I figured out how to beat the odds!

I got right to work doing what I knew to help me get into this dress in the next 24 hours.

Here are my 3 tips to success which have worked for myself and others I’ve mentioned it to when in a pinch.

1. Start pounding the water.

I’m not talking about a couple 8 oz glasses of water. I’m talking gallons. 3 at the least in a 24 hour period. You will feel bloated, full and if you weigh or measure you will gain weight at first. But trust me, after about 2 ½ gallons that water weight is going to fly off. Of course be responsible and have some Gatorade after the water flush.

It takes a lot of will power to keep drinking and it feels like eating when you are already full so everything in your mind will tell you that this is crazy. But trust me, you will lose all the bloat in a couple hours and feel amazing!

2.  Do a Vicks body wrap overnight.

Especially on your thighs and mid-section. This involves rubbing some Vicks or hot-cold gel on your thick parts and wrapping them with plastic wrap before going to bed. You will wake up to a much tighter and toner you! –They also have professional body wraps that you leave on overnight that work similarly but I have had good results with the homemade ones.

3. Do a hardcore, core workout.

Do either 2 accelerated workouts of Winsor Pilates, or 3, 20-minute ones depending on your ability. This will keep your muscles working on those fat cells for a long period of time and you’ll be burning the bloat and fat for hours (or days) after these types of core burning workouts.

These 3 things helped me get into a dress 2 sizes to small in 24 hours. It also helped my husband drop 5 inches around his midsection and 12 pounds the night before an important weight in!

Please keep in mind that these are 3 drastic things to help you when you are in a pinch to drop that weight you haven’t been able to lose!!

I know for a fact these are going to help you fit in your skinniest jeans, look better in your swim suit, and zip up that little black dress tomorrow better than you would have been able to!

What do you do to lose fat fast? I’d love to know!


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