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Month: June 2018

7 Things They Never Taught You in School About Money

We spend 12 to 16 years in school on average. I don’t know about you, but I never once learned about how to get rich, retire comfortable, or even budget my personal finances. So today we are going to go over the 7 things they never taught you in school Read more…

8 Financial TED Talks That Will Change Your Life

8 Financial TED Talks that will Change Your life

You’ve probably heard of Ted-Talks, a non-profit organization for spreading thought inspiring and motivational ideas. These talks are usually delivered in quick 20+ minute videos that you can watch in your free time and will no doubt leave you feeling inspired and motivated to create change in your life! These Read more…

How to Save Money When Decorating Your Home

How to Save Money when decoration your home

  We are thrilled to have this guest post from Kim over at! We highly recommend checking out her site for all things design and organization inspiration to turn your home into a sanctuary! She also knows how to stay frugal in the process of reaching your dream home Read more…