7 Laundry Hacks You Have to Try to Save Tons of Time and Money

You’ve gotten the motivation to get the dishwasher unloaded and reloaded, the bathrooms are disinfected, and the floors are swept and even possibly mopped! Well done! But there’s still that one looming chore. The never ending monster in your home….Laundry.

Somehow it has to get done. So, to help you out in this constant chore and pain in the rump, here are 8 super time efficient and frugal ways to help you hack that laundry and get things done!


7 Laundry Hacks You Have to Try to Save Tons of Time and Money:


8 Laundry Hacks You Have to Try to Save Tons of Time and Money

Most people think those yellow stains are sweat stains. That’s actually not true. The yellow tint you see around the arm pit area is actually a deodorant stain. Pour some lemon juice on the stained area and let it sit overnight. Your white t-shirts will look good as new in the morning!



8 Laundry Hacks You Have to Try to Save Tons of Time and Money


Using multiple hampers keep your clothes off the floor and sorted in color and fabric category. You can find hampers at the dollar store. This saves a TON of time and frustration with sorting!



By putting socks in a lingerie bag sorting socks has never been easier! The 2 socks you put in never get lost in the laundry! Holy Cow!!! NO MORE SORTING SOCKS AND MISSING EVERY OTHER ONE!!!!! Just grab the bag out of the pile and put the socks together! No mess, no hassle!



You know that smell in your wash cloths and occasionally your towels? Yeah that one! It’s horrible, and sometimes super stubborn and hard to get out. I have friends who have rewashed the same things several times to get the smell out! Waste of time and money! Do this instead; throw about a cup of white vinegar into your wash or even into your fabric softener it will kill that musky and mildew smell instantly!!! Check out these other great uses for vinegar:


I have vivid memories of standing next to my mother as a young child, pen still in hand as she sprayed the white leather couch with hairspray to get out the ink rendering I had just created(I was an artist) 😋. This doesn’t just work for leather! You can spray clothes as well. Let them set after spraying to effortlessly lift the ink out. If you have little “artists” in your home like I do, this is a total life saver!



8 Laundry Hacks You Have to Try to Save Tons of Time and MoneyOver time all clothes start to fade and loose their vibrancy. Slow or stop the process by adding a pinch of salt to your load right before rinsing. This gives life to your clothes again and prevent them from bleeding colors.



Dawn dish soap has been known to rescue animals from the oil spills in the ocean and clean the dirtiest messes in the kitchen. Add a drop to the grease splatters on your clothes! It works like a charm and your clothes will have no more grease!


The thought of needing to clean your washer that washes seems strange, but everything needs a wash every now and again. Use a cup of baking soda and ½ quart of vinegar to your washer on the highest heat and let sit for an hour. This will disinfect and remove scum and soap build up.

So, there are the greatest laundry hacks you have to try to save tons of time and money! You’ll enjoy the extra time and money you have after implementing these great hacks! It has changed my dreaded laundry experience to a….less dreaded experience! J

It’s always so helpful to learn new and awesome hacks you had never thought of to make hard jobs easier! I would LOVE to learn more! If you have a trick you use to help you try to save tons of time and money please email me or leave them in the comments below!


7 Things They Never Taught You in School About Money

We spend 12 to 16 years in school on average. I don’t know about you, but I never once learned about how to get rich, retire comfortable, or even budget my personal finances. So today we are going to go over the 7 things they never taught you in school about money!

Ever since the day I got married I have been on a quest to see how I can save the most money possible. Saving money and budgeting is a game and a job all rolled into one.

It’s a game because you must keep coming up with strategies for doing it differently or correctly over and over. You are always on the hunt for the cheapest option or best deal. You must keep tweaking the budget, finding alternatives and adjusting your habits. It all boils down to PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

It’s a job because it’s an everyday conscience effort to make sure your money isn’t flowing out of your hands as fast as it is coming in or faster! It’s such a fulltime job my husband nicknamed me the “Stay-at-Home Economist”!

Recent research suggests that more than 25 million middle-class Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

Becoming free from the chains of living paycheck to paycheck takes diligence and discipline.

Here are some things that I have found extraordinarily helpful to help me turn the tables and get ahead of that paycheck!

7 THings They Never Taught You in School About Money

1: Identify and Cut the Waste in Your Budget

This one is huge. Waste in our everyday lives costs huge amounts of money.

I am always on the lookout for wastefulness. Having children makes it even harder to staying on top of this! Plates of food, running faucets of water while brushing teeth, 3 loads of dishes a day!!

Food alone can break the bank account!

Did you know on average a family throws away $2,200 of food a year?! That’s over 300lbs of food! Which is broken down to 20 lbs. of food per person in the U.S. every month!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like grocery shopping enough to warrant throwing away 20 lbs. of food per person in my family each month!!

Just by being more aware of waste will greatly help you reduce it and save money.

Check out How to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half!!!!

2: Put Your Wasted Money to Work For You

By saving what you would normally be spending on wasteful behaviors you can put it aside into your savings, or retirement, or have that money start to work for you. Then in time these accounts will be able to become investment accounts and soon your money will snowball into making money for you! How exciting right?!

3: Consider Cash Flow

This one is a game changer. Get organized when it comes to your cash flow.

Knowing what bills are coming out and when you are getting paid so there is an even flow throughout the whole month, not only brings a peace of mind, but saves money. This way you are not “rich” one weekend and “poor” the next!

Over draft fees and bounced check fees are a ridiculous waste of money that nobody can afford!

This can all be avoided by creating a budget. If you are looking for a quick and easy (non-techy) way of starting a budget you can read my budgeting post by CLICKING HERE.  The budget will help you know what is coming out, what is going in, and when to tighten all the reigns. However; this action is not enough on it’s own. What took us a while in the early years is ACTUALLY STICKING TO THE BUDGET! Sure, it’s great to see the spending plan on paper, but it’s a whole other ballgame to live by what is on that paper!

4: Add Income

This one is personal and can only be determined by you and your family life. I can’t tell you how many times my husband and I have battled the ever-unresolved discussion of whether one of us should get another job.

The timing must be right for you and your life.

However, if this is a possibility for you, adding a second part-time income would change your finances drastically. This money should be used completely for getting ahead and reaching your goals! It is easy to just let it go towards the “lifestyle” and forget that there is any extra money coming in at all.

Seriously, how many of us have been excited about a raise only to look back a month later wondering how the heck we made ends meet without it? This is the mistake of letting the “lifestyle” rise to the income level rather than setting a modest lifestyle to reach long-term goals with extra money. It takes consistency and self-discipline, as well as a clear vision and focus on what we really want!

If your life doesn’t allow for you to get another job, you can check out my post: 9 Side-Hustles You Can Do From The Comfort Of Your Bed7 Things They Never Taught You in School About Money


5: Get a Month Ahead

This one can be a bit painful the first month. You will have to make the “rice and bean” kinds of sacrifices to be able to do it. But after you have that extra month in the bank, in a separate account, you create what Dave Ramsey calls a “buffer between you and Murphy.” Getting a month ahead was what was key to my husbands and my own peace of mind and feeling like we had a bit of control.

6: Automate Your Savings

Learning your options for automating your saving is a fantastic hack for getting a savings account good and healthy. Sometimes things like putting money to savings needs to be automatic in order for us to do them. One of the biggest obstacles for people getting their adult life together is that they think it is just too hard, or that they don’t have the right tools to do it.

When it comes to money, the truth is that 90% of the battle is just getting the key automated systems into place. Once you set them up most money actions don’t need to be thought about that much, especially if you choose the right ones. StashInvest is a fantastic way to save money without really thinking about it. It’s an organizational app that allows you to save, budget, and organize your finances all in one crisp and clean app. I highly recommend this app as it has everything all in one, and you can start with as little as $5.

7: Dream With Your Goals

This one is just as important as the rest. It may seem superficial and not necessary to mention, but without a dream there is no vison. By keeping your eye on the ball, you most definitely will succeed.

Life has it’s ups and downs, it’s ebb and flow. There will be months it seems smooth, dare I say easy. And months you think nothing else could possibly go wrong. Getting out of the paycheck to paycheck life and putting some cushion between you and what life throws at you bring you peace. Setup smaller achievable goals with your money that lead to those big dreams that you have in you heart!


These 7 things they never taught you in school about money can be a life saver when applied to your finances. I’d love to hear if you were taught any of these things in school? I’d love to know if any of these steps helped you to move forward in your finances. Please drop me an email or leave a comment and let me know of any steps you’ve learned in your adult life that you didn’t learn in school that have helped you transform your money situation!


8 Financial TED Talks that will Change Your life

8 Financial TED Talks That Will Change Your Life

You’ve probably heard of Ted-Talks, a non-profit organization for spreading thought inspiring and motivational ideas. These talks are usually delivered in quick 20+ minute videos that you can watch in your free time and will no doubt leave you feeling inspired and motivated to create change in your life! These 8 financial Ted-Talks that will transform your life are my favorites.

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I have gathered my favorite 8 Financial Education Ted-Talks for you to check out. And though there are thousands to choose from any topic you enjoy, learning about financial matters is always a good idea! Let me know what you think of the best financial TED talks, if there is one you love that has inspired you to take action in your financial picture.


Given by Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the #1 Best selling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” In this talk Robert talks about the power of financial education, and how it impacts financial equality.



See Cheap Tasty Meal Plans! 



This financial TED talk is given by Mellody Hobson. Coming from an extremely hard childhood, she was desperate to understand money. To debunk the financial misunderstandings most people suffer from.



8 Financial TED talks that will change your life



Taking extreme action to lesson life’s burdens, Adam Baker challenges you to take massive action in your life and free yourself from the heaviness of debt.




In this video she explains how saving money is done one dollar at a time. She found fun and unconventional ways to save her money on an organic farm!




In this talk Ian Rosenberger explains how poverty is not the lack of money, but the lack of dignity. He gets his insight from a tragic personal experience, helping people. His story can help transform the way you think about poverty and how and why we get there.




A talk about saving money not today, but tomorrow. Sometimes we put the most important things off till tomorrow. In this talk we learn the phycology of the way people think about money.




Alexa von Tobel is passionate about personal finance and loves teaching people about how to make money and money decisions less taboo.




This is an interesting talk about how to raise our kids to be entrepreneurs in a world where it is looked down upon. You can take away information from this video for yourself at any age.


8 financial ted talks that will change your life

Each one of these financial TED talks  has a fantastic lesson in financial education that you can take and use in your daily life. I hope you find the same value in them that I did and apply each one to your daily financial life. Continue learning, never allow yourself to be confused or lost in the weeds when it comes to the knowledge of your finances!

Till next time:


How to Save Money when decoration your home

How to Save Money When Decorating Your Home


We are thrilled to have this guest post from Kim over at ourhomeliving.com! We highly recommend checking out her site for all things design and organization inspiration to turn your home into a sanctuary! She also knows how to stay frugal in the process of reaching your dream home goals! Just see how to start below!

Have you ever wanted to decorate your home and realize that kind of thing costs money?  So many times I get stuck in a jam when planning my budget and realize I don’t have the funds to redecorate. Here are some great tips on how to save money when decorating your home.


Hi there! My name is Kim from Our Home Living. Grace and Scott were kind enough to let me share some of my insight for decorating when on a budget. This truly is a topic most people tend to overlook when creating their budget. So let’s dive in, shall we?

Save Money When Decorating

What Can You Afford?

Most of us have a general understanding what our income is and where it goes after it hits the bank. The issue when it comes to decorating is having that allocated fund for everything you need.


What I want to stress first is that it is extremely important to pay your bills before you start buying decor. I have been guilty of this and it was a hard lesson learned. I was stuck in a pinch because I saw a pretty sign at Home Goods and thought it would look amazing in my living room. Little did I realize I didn’t have enough money to pay the car insurance bill later that week.


I knew I didn’t have a lot of money to work with when I bought that sign but I gave in to impulse. In that sort of situation, I wish I had started my fund/budget for decorating and had some cash on hand.


So make sure you have the money and it isn’t reserved for the important stuff before making a purchase.

Start With Baby Steps

This is in reference to figuring out what you can afford in order to save money when decorating your home.


If you know you want to redecorate your family room but are not sure where to start financially, take a step back. Plan everything. For instance, if I would have taken my time to plan the funds necessary I wouldn’t have succumbed to impulse and purchased that sign.


I would have planned out step by step based on my budget, even if it would take a while to get everything I would need to decorate.


If you don’t know where to start when decorating your home and need a little inspiration, check out my post: Need Inspiration for Decorating?




Getting What You Want for the Cheapest

Price shop. Really that is what it all boils down to. If you want to save money when decorating your home you have to shop smart.


Make sure to pay attention to sales. Some great sales are always after major holidays. So if you think you can hold off decorating a room until after such a time, I highly recommend you do.

Can You DIY It?

This is a question that should be asked every time you want to purchase something new if you want to save money when decorating your home. In the world of Pinterest and everything DIY, most pieces of furniture, signs, simple decor have, more than likely, some kind of tutorial on how to make it yourself.


For instance, I really wanted these industrial pipe looking shelves from Wayfair but when I found out they cost over a hundred dollars for not even three shelves my jaw dropped. So my husband decided to get creative. He created his own version of the shelves.


If you want to check out the shelves stay tuned at Our Home Living for the details as soon as they are ready.

Can You Get it for Free?

Free is always a good option but you still have to be careful if it is really worth it.


A few times I have been given old decor from family because they were freshening up the look of their home or it was trash to begin with. I think sometimes I am given things because my family might think I am crafty enough to repurpose things. Which isn’t entirely true.


Another great way to score awesome decor would be to ask if anyone is moving. I know it sounds weird, but hear me out. People that move give away so much stuff. They will usually host a yard sale before the big move. The goal of any yard sale is to 1.) Sell what you can to make a buck and 2.) get rid of it all even if you have to give it away.


This is a great opportunity to get free stuff.


I hope these tips provide you with guidance to save money when decorating your home.



Kim Calderon

Kim is a wife and a stay at home mom who loves spending time with her little boy. She likes managing her home and seeking out ways to improve her way of living.

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How to save money when decorating your home