9 Things Debt Free People Do That Will Change Your Life

9 Things Debt Free People Do That Will Change Your Life

Becoming debt free takes time, commitment and good habits! The things debt free people do are a way of life to them only because they have made them habits. We are not born winners with money and you can be debt free too if you follow these 9 things debt free people do all of the time in order to win with their money and stay away from debt!

1. Live On Less Than You Make

In a world of “Joneses” it can be hard to live within your means. Debt free people have mastered self-discipline in their belongings. By living within their means debt free people can manage their money to work for them, not be fighting against it. When we are satisfied with what we have we are content enough to not need to go buy things we don’t need, resulting in saving our money. Continue reading 9 Things Debt Free People Do That Will Change Your Life


15 Critical Things You Need To Stock A Frugal Pantry

Learning how to stock a frugal pantry can take a little research. There are so many tips and tricks out there. Sometimes they apply sometimes they don’t.

Some people’s tips won’t and can’t help you.

Things like growing your own garden and learning how to preserve your harvest. This won’t work for you if you live in an apartment with little lighting. It won’t work for you if you live in a wooded lot or if you’re a single mom who works 2 jobs to make ends meet.

15 items to stock a frugal pantryHowever, let’s say you just don’t have the space or lighting for a good garden (which is me) then my suggestion is to find a local community garden, or place that has plots for you to grow. Because growing your own food is of course the #1 way to save the most money on your food budget!

My #2 tip when researching and figuring out how to apply it to your unique situation, is to get the most drastic tips and tricks from people on YouTube for instance like “The Cheap Life” or “The Fundamental Home”   then dial it back to what suits you. In other words, do your research but tailor it to meet your needs. For example; I don’t buy food from the dollar store.

Here is a list of frugal pantry items that you should have on hand or in bulk to guarantee frugal meals and less temptation to go out to eat (another great way to save money):


  • Pasta
  • Quinoa
  • Variety of beans (canned or dried). Beans are a huge source of protein and can help cut back on the price of meats. By adding beans to your meal, you get more fiber helping you feel fuller longer and helping you to get, keep and maintain better gut health.
  • Bouillon cubes to season soups, rice’s and stir-fry’s
  • Bread (keep in the freezer when stale) Stale bread makes for great stuffing’s, bread crumbs, and French toast.
  • Canned tuna, chicken, sardines
  • Oatmeal
  • Peanut Butter and Jellies.
  • Lentils which you don’t have to soak and only take 15 minutes to cook. Lentils are a great source of cheap protein, and without the added step of soaking they make for a quick filler to any meal.
  • Flour
  • Yeast
  • Oil (coconut, and olive)
  • Vinegar like apple cider and red or white wine for salad dressings
  • Dry Spices especially the ones you use the most in bulk
  • Tortillas (tortillas are great for leftover night). By dumbing leftovers into a tortilla, you come up with a whole new meal! Also, just adding tomatoes and onions to a can of beans and putting them in a tortilla can make a great tasty bean burrito (you might prefer some seasoning).
  • Potatoes Onions, Garlic, and Ginger (these last forever when stored properly)

This tip is one that no one ever talks about.

  • Buying your meat straight from the farmer.

15 Critical Things you need to stock a Frugal Pantry

Okay I know what you’re thinking…….”I live nowhere near a farm”. “Or I don’t know any farmers.” However true this maybe you live close enough and you can make friends!

Hear me out. Growing up we lived in a beautiful suburb. There were no farms for miles. However, my dad purchased beef from family 2 ½ hours from our house. We didn’t go there to take care of the cattle, we went there to pick up the meat once year. It was an adventure!!

Recently my dad again raised a beef at a friend’s farm. At the time grass-fed beef was running a good $3.50+ per pound. My friends……he paid $1.50 a pound! Across the board for the entire steer. We are talking roasts, steaks, prime rib not your typical $1.50 for who knows what hamburger.

This is an incredible savings. And having that much meat in the freezer gives you the added benefits of making the meals stretch from a roast, to a stroganoff, to a soup, to left over roast beef sandwiches all from one meal!

I hope these tips are some that you can apply to your life right away!

Feel free to let us know what you do differently to help you save a couple extra dollars in your food budget!

15 Critical Things you need to stock a Frugal Pantry

9 Practices To Adapt to be Simply Beautiful

1. Smile

A smile can brighten a day, make a sad person happy, cure a child’s boo-boo, and completely change an attitude. As a society we don’t smile ½ as much as we should. We “put our heads down and power through” so to say. We aren’t looking around at the wonders of life, and the joy that every moment has in it. Smile. It will brighten your eyes, tighten your skin and make you so much more beautiful!

2. Learn Basic Etiquette

There once was a time where men, woman and children were required to learn and practice the rules of the most advanced etiquette. Today anything goes. This shouldn’t be the case. Crass, rude, comfortable behavior isn’t ok. Society tells us to be who we are and as much as I agree with our uniqueness, I disagree with how far we have taken this philosophy. By learning how to talk, sit, dress, walk, carry ourselves and express ourselves we exude ourselves in a class to be respected and therefore present ourselves as that much more beautiful.

3. Learn Classic Fashion Techniques

In a world of Kardashians, Hiltons, and Sirias’s I’d like to challenge you to find your inner Hepburn’s or Kelly. Confused? Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly were fashion Icons of a beautiful and elegant time frame. Yet their simplicity and classic approach are so timeless that there isn’t much about their fashion or demeanor that wouldn’t be applicable today. Learn from them, and research the people out there today that are giving Hepburn and Kelly fashion tips and advice.

4. Practice Compassion and Patience

Nothing is more beautiful than a woman caring for a small child, or kissing a puppy. Nothing is sweeter than a calm, cool, and collected woman with a sense of confidence that exudes through her patience in stressful or annoying situations. It’s easy to yell, curse, and generally freak out at the people or situations that annoy us. It takes courage and intention to have compassion and patience for the annoying moments and people in our lives.

5. Practice Good Skin Care Routine

Having a good skin care routine will reap you benefits that only time will tell. By taking care of your skin especially your face you not only avoid blemishes and scars, but you help your skin to age beautifully. Add that smile and you have a million-dollar face that your peers will someday be paying thousands of dollars to try and achieve with Botox. Check out 13 Hacks to Flawless Skin!

6. Self-Care

Life is busy. There’s no questioning that. And 9 times out of 10 we put ourselves on the back burner. We get tired, frustrated, and depleted. None of which are beautiful. Take time to refill. You can’t give what you don’t have. When you take the time to pamper and baby yourself, or just enjoy time you radiate a happiness from within that causes you to be more beautiful and pleasant to be around.

7. Sleep

Going hand-in-hand with self-care, being tired is never beautiful. Getting enough quality sleep helps your eyes be brighter, skin clearer, your body not suffer from common sleep derivational pains, causing you to have a happier mood. And we all know that happiness is the golden key to beauty.

8. Posture

Holding ourselves with confidence and security gives off a vibe of beauty. They say nothing is more beautiful than a confident woman. No matter your figure, size, facial expressions or beauty flaws keeping your posture straight and confident will offset any imperfections and have you radiate beauty.

9. Talk Less

The less you say the less you must be sorry for. We all tend to want to be the ones to talk. We talk about ourselves, our opinions and our lives. But how often do we just listen. Think about the most beautiful person you know. Are they always the ones talking in your conversations or are they mostly listening to you? Show off your smarts by saying less but saying a lot.  Being kind and smart are very attractive.

7 Essential Health Habits of Super Fit People

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Sharing a big secret here: DIETS DON’T WORK!!!! Sure they might work for a month or even a season but the weight comes back, and it comes back with a vengeance! They are also impossible to stay on and always leave us feeling like a failure! And so there we are waiting for the next diet fad to come along and convince us that we HAVE TO get on board and try again!

Continue reading 7 Essential Health Habits of Super Fit People

5 Coffee Brewing Mistakes You Have to Stop Making Today

Everyone knows that a cup of coffee from your local coffee shop of choice is a treat over home brewed. But that doesn’t have to be the case.

If your morning cup of coffee isn’t as tasty and satisfying as a $5 cup down the street, chances are you are making 1 or more of the following mistakes when brewing an at home cup of coffee.

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3 Secret Tricks to Lose Inches Fast! (Like Less than 24 Hours)

Sometimes it isn’t about losing weight. Who am I kidding it’s ALWAYS about losing weight!

But sometimes there just isn’t time! An upcoming wedding, a school dance, a pool party, it’s that time of the month and your super bloated. You name it and it can probably fall into the category of “not enough time.”

Don’t worry I’ve got you covered! I have a list of tried and true ways to help you drop a handful of inches off you middle and thighs in a days’ time! Continue reading 3 Secret Tricks to Lose Inches Fast! (Like Less than 24 Hours)

5 Quick and Easy Breakfast Recipes You Have to Try

Bagel Veggie Sandwich

This fantastic quick and easy bagel-egg-veggie sandwich is to die for! I should just end the post right here! It’s so easy and so scrumptious! You won’t even think twice about skipping breakfast with this tasty and fast protein packed meal.

Found on Brit+Co

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What Did You Want to Be When You Grew Up?

When you were young did you ever daydream in class about the wonderful things you were going to do and be when you “grew up?”

Were you going to change the world, but somehow the world sort of changed you? There were day’s you had no idea but it didn’t matter because you were too busy living the utmost careless life. Then one day you woke up to bills, appointments, jobs, class schedules, deadlines, relationship navigation, health scares…….responsibility.

Are you still waiting to be what you wanted when you “grew up?”

Life goes fast when we aren’t watching it pass.

Money flies out of our wallets when we aren’t telling it where to go

Relationships fade and die when we don’t nurture them.

Health deteriorates when it isn’t maintained or a priority.

Sadly, carefree timelessness and days of no responsibility come and go without ceremony. There is no threshold we pass into adulthood. It begins and evolves into itself. Sometimes we get lost in the transition.

We start out with dreams, goals, ambitions. Then we follow a crowd that is following each other, and we find ourselves in a grey mass of clones.

But we didn’t start out as clones. We were unique, our talents were different, and our dreams were our own.

You are still that child with a great future ahead of you. All you have to do is decided to turn around and go the other way, against the crowd of normal, and figure out……YOU!

little-girl-2516582_640My father used to say “if the crowd is going one way, always go the opposite, and you’ll be fine.”

This advice got more and more relevant as I got older even though he gave it to me as a child.

I would sit on my bed and loath being different, until one day my difference and ability to go against the crowd made me a unique commodity.

You were created to do something no one else can. You were not created to be like or do something someone else is doing or being. It’s super hard to figure out your special little something. It’s scary to create yourself and your life to look different than the successful people around you. It’s good to have role models that you want your life to look like, but you have to make your life yours.

You may have gone to college, gotten the degree, have the “responsibility” now. You probably silenced that little spark that makes you come alive long time ago. Shoving it far back because it would make waves or cause ripples. But if you were to be true to yourself and let yourself dream about it again you would have to admit it makes you come alive to think about those things, those far out almost impossible things that you want to do, have, and be when you “grow up.”

child-1051288_640However, to be able to be true to who you are, why you were created, and live the best life you can you have to allow yourself to drink in the feelings you get when you do allow yourself to dream again.

You aren’t dead. You are living, breathing, evolving, changing, and becoming every minute of every day. You can change your current life today. It might not look different to the outside world tomorrow, but every flood begins with a drop of rain.

Begin today.

  1. Go somewhere quiet and shut off all disturbances
  2. Grab a notebook, journal, or pad and a pen
  3. Sit and be with your own thoughts. For just a couple min let the silence wash over you, let your mind get out all those racing thoughts, and then let yourself start to picture what it really wants.
  4. Start to take notes of what excites you. What makes you come alive. Is it the thought of money, freedom, helping others, traveling, creating something that has never been created?
  5. Take note of the theme that your thoughts and emotions have, and you will begin to find your purpose

You might not get a concrete answer right away as to your life purpose, you might need to do this several times before you can really picture your life destiny. But I promise you will figure it out.

I truly believe there is no such thing as an accident in this world. I believe that you were created perfectly for this time, in your circumstances. No matter who you are, what your ability, and who you know, I believe that you were put here to make a great difference in YOUR world.

You will not only be the happiest you can be doing what you were meant to do, but you will leave a legacy the world would have been missing if you don’t!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

5 Tricks to Instantly Reach Your New Year’s Resolution

The New Year is around the corner. Its funny how slowly the year seems to creep by for the first half, and by June it’s flying so fast you might as well start Christmas shopping because it’s just around the corner!

As a kid, it was; of course, a tradition to set New Year’s resolutions. Then as an adult the tradition slipped. I noticed how lax I got in my early 20’s with certain things. And how if I wasn’t intentional with my year, my goals, and my wishes they would either fade into past thoughts, or cease to exist in my mind at all.

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successful vs unsuccessful

Habit’s of Unsuccessful People VS. Successful People

We all want to be successful in the endeavors we set out to achieve. We all know to be successful takes work and persistence, and maybe even a couple of tries. Sometimes we must get backup a couple times. But do you ever wonder where the line is between those who DO succeed and those who DON’T?

Turns out it takes a certain attitude, and formula to success. It isn’t inevitable, it is a destiny. Anyone can choose to succeed and anyone can choose to give up. No one is born a success or a failure.

Here is a list of things that each side does with their actions and thoughts that determines which road they will travel. Continue reading Habit’s of Unsuccessful People VS. Successful People