10 Easy Habits Smart People do to Save Money Everyday

Do you plan to follow your budget every month but always seem to fall short at the end of it? Do you wind up with too much month left and not enough money? I know the feeling.

Even when we are doing everything that we can to tighten our budget, or save for that next big purchase, something always seems to sneak in and disrupt the saving process.

I’m always asking myself; “where can we pull in the reigns? Where can we cut back so that we have a little more money to play with or save?!”Regardless of where we are in life we all have money goals, and we all admit that we could be a little better with the way we handle our money.

Maybe you are a 1 income family or 2, living paycheck-to-paycheck (which most of America does). Maybe you are saving for a trip or big purchase, or you’re just wanting to get your savings up to a comfortable place.

Knowing how to make your daily life habits benefit your money goals is the key to taking the right steps towards actually achieving those goals you’ve set for your money.

I have shared a list below of some not-so-popular ways that we use to make everyday routines and habits a bit more frugal and budgeter friendly because we want to achieve more with our money!

  1. Make Your Own Cleaning Products (this is actually super easy and cheap and they do a better job than store bought products)
  2. Keep your Thermastate low in the winter and high in the summer
  3. Eat simple meals over and over. Keep Your menu simple
  4. Eat Everything at Home

  5. Make your own food from scratch
  6. Use non-disposable things; napkins, paper towels, mops, diapers, wipes, feminine products, cutlery, Tupperware, water bottles etc.
  7. Learn to stock a frugal pantry
  8. Drink water instead of soda or juice, and of course make your
    own tea and coffee
  9. Use natural alternatives to medicines.

Pinterest is a great resource, otherwise learn about homeopathic remedies. (These can be found at your local health food store such as Whole Foods and work instantly compared to cold medicines that are expensive, have terrible side effects and rarely work well).

10. Turn off your lights and unplug unused appliances

These 10 quick tips can give you a little extra room in your spending budget and shrink up your bills a bit. Finances and budgeting, especially when living paycheck-to-paycheck (or close to it) is one of the hardest things we do as adults. But I can guarantee you that just as anything else in life, such as; working out, eating healthy, or living mindfully, managing your finances and being disciplined in your habits will reap drastic results in a short period of time. What can you choose to do today to keep what is yours?

I wish you all the success and happiness in your daily life!


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