What is Hygge?

I sometimes wonder why things become a trend. Personally, I stay away from anything trendy. I have this weird thing where if someone talks to me about something I already love, wears a shirt I own, loves a movie I love….. I am no longer interested in it. Even if I really love that person! It’s nothing against them it is just that I don’t like to just follow the trend or do what everyone else is doing. I guess I just have to be different. There is something deep within me that screams to be different, unique, one of a kind! More on that in another post!

But with Hygge even though every blogger and their neighbors are talking about it I’m still in love with the concept.

If you haven’t heard of Hygge it is a Danish term that loosely means “the art of intentional and cozy living.”

Life tends to have treads, ups and downs, ebb and flow. Western society tends to be on an uphill trend of stress, never-ending schedules, dead-lines and responsibilities. Throw in personal goals, physical expectations, health restrictions, social obligations, it only makes sense that Hygge would resonate so strongly with the Western World.

So how can we, in a society of keeping ourselves blindingly busy, make room for Hygge?

Hygge doesn’t just happen, it is created.

Here is a quick list of things that would help your home be more Hygge:

  1. Candles

  2. Warm cozy slippers

  3. Over-sized thick blankets

  4. Shawls or sweaters

  5. Hot cups of coffee, tea or cocoa

  6. Freshly baked cakes, muffins, or scones

  7. Crackling fires (electric if that’s all you have)

  8. Books,

  9. Soft classical music

  10. Soft yellow lights

These elements all make for a warm and relaxing environment but more importantly; Hygge is about taking a moment off from the busyness of life.  I like to think of it as a type of “Viking Meditation”. Without the sitting with your eyes closed! Hygge is all about the senses. Indulging in each one of them all while feeling safe and comfy!

I’ve heard said before that Hygge isn’t something that you can learn, it’s just something you do. You have no doubt experienced Hygge more than several times in your life. But being aware that it is there, that it is something to strive for and will make your life happier and more intentional.

Hygge means to make your surrounding comfortable which can venture into every and any area in our lives.

We, our body and soul; go everywhere we go. Just as your attitude, (good or bad), goes with you each day so can an attitude of hygge.

For instance:

Most mornings you wake up, maybe hit the snooze alarm once or twice. Finally rolling out of bed you quickly shower, get ready, maybe grab a to-go cup of coffee and a granola bar if you’re lucky! And you get in the car and go to work rushing all the while to get there on time. Sound familiar?

How about try this:

Instead of hitting the snooze you get up, and stretch. Putting on a special (intentional) bathrobe, you venture to the bathroom for a hot lavender oil infused bath. Lighting candles and putting on soft yet energizing music. You get ready for work by lotioning with organic coconut oil.

Brew yourself a hot cup of coffee and enjoy it with candles, and your partner. Get out your daily journal and list the things your grateful for, your schedule and goals for the day. Do this with your partner so that you are in sync and connected throughout the day.

As you get in your car to start the commute to work or as you get ready for the kids to wake up, turn on your favorite motivational music, say some affirmations, or pray.

Ignore the news and the negative that the world is always dishing out in generous amounts.

This is a version of a hygge morning. It’s cozy, it’s intentional, its healthy, its inspiring. Hygge isn’t just for cold evenings, it can be a life you choose to live. Summer mornings, spring afternoons, winter evenings hygge is there you just have to find it!

What will you do today to add some hygge to your life?!

Go live life intentionally!


3 thoughts on “10 STEPS TO A MORE HYGGE HOME”

  1. I love winter, and hygge enhances it! I wish there were easy ways to hygge in the summer but snuggling up under a thick blanket in 100 degree heat sucks haha. Great post!

    1. Hey thanks for stopping by! We really appreciate you took the time to check us out!
      I completely agree with you about summery hygge, but since the winters are so long I love having something that makes them less ho hum! 🙂

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